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well i have a zit on my chin today :) so hope that cheers yo up heehee! no really I know how you probably are thinking I wish mine was clearing up, but it have to think it will....what kind of ance do you have? it is all over or patches? ...whats your skin like? dry? oily? combo?

I ahve never been to a dermatologist was always too embarrased and ashamed to go
I knew they would know I picked my face...and felt stupid admitting that!

I said if after stop picking it doesnt help then I was going to go to one, but scared they might tell me to use all kinds of $$$ products...

are yours perscriptions? what else have you tried? I use Proactiv is that available where you live? its ingredient is Benzoyl peroxide but a small amount and still drys me out a bit as I am older LOL

I use it once a day or every other then a gentle Mild Cleanser...its going alright, I dont have Clear skin still but it has only been a few weeks and I still mess a little...not as bad as I was though which is why I think it is getting better...

and it is a struggle to not do it!!!! got so much of a part of my routine! its hard to stop
but I and we can all do it :)

Take Care


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