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Although I've never suffered from what I would consider as 'true acne', I spent 2 years taking the mini-pill which caused some pretty painfull boils, spots and terrible greasy skin.

During that period I tried several pills in an effort to reduce this side effect. I'd previously taken the combined pill for 10 years and my skin was usually clear. Changing mini-pills made very little difference, so I tried Evening Primrose Oil. Within 2 weeks on 1000mg the break-outs calmed down.

I stopped taking the pill earlier this year because of the skin problem. I continue with 500mg as I still have the odd break-out as I did in my teens. I've noticed that even if I miss just one capsule I get a sore blind spot, usually on my chin - proving that the oil definitley keeps things in check!

So I'd definitely recommend it, perhaps at a higher dose til things kick in. Obviously I doubt it'll give you completely clear skin, but I'm sure it would help to relieve things. Let me know if anyone tries it!

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