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Well ive used Hydroquinone 3% before and it worked wonders for me it cleared most of my marks. I stopped using it after everything pretty much cleared up, but then I got a bad break out I mean BAD and it left marks AGAIN. So now its been 4 days of using it and applying it 3 times a day and its doing wonders again, its getting a lot better and atleast now if I put a foudndation, not concealer, concealer doesnt look right on me, its completely invisible. ALSO the reason I stopped was because I began reading message boards and some users kept on saying how bad it is for you and stuff, so I got scared. But I think aslong as you use it until your marks clear and don't use it for a long period of time your ok. Plus people from africa used it, I think the cause of there side effect was 1 they had dark skin and used 8-10% which is a lot. my only adivice is USE SUNSCREEN!!!!!!!! ITS A MUST! since hydroquinone is a bleaching cream it lowers your protection against UV rays. ill keep you guys updated on how its going for me. Hopefully itll give me the same result as last time.

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