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I'm an 18-year-old male, and for almost two years now I've been picking at pimples/whiteheads that appear on my skin. But instead of getting these on my face, I get them on across the back of my shoulders, and slightly on the upper part of my chest.

Luckily I don't have to see the horribleness everytime I look in the mirror, since they're not on my face. Lucky me, right? Instead, everytime I change my shirt, or take a shower, I can just look down at my shoulders and see any new pimples (they don't appear that often), and the scabs and skin full of scars...

I must have that compulsive skin picking disorder. I'm usually good about not picking when I go to change my shirt or take a shower... I tend to pick when I'm sitting by myself, being bored... I'm a heavy computer user, and usually I can find things to do to occupy my time and do things... but if I'm reading something, or chatting, or even during a longish pause during a game, I find myself running my hand(s) around my shoulders, looking for scabs and pimples that are feeling bumpy.

The thing with my hideousness on my shoulders is that it's covered up by my shirt, so nobody even knows it's there...unless I take my shirt off. I was talking about it to my friend, and briefly took my shirt off to show him, and he was kind of disgusted. Who wouldn't be? I hate how it looks, but then, nobody can even see it since it's under my shirt...

The longest I've gone without picking these is four days, which was quite an accomplishment for me. It involved putting band-aids over each pickable spot... there were about seven band-aids used each day to do this. This worked... until I started getting my fingers underneath the bandages and picking the scabs.

I've tried wearing a jacket and zipping it up so that the only way I can get my hand under there is to actually unzip the jacket... and that didn't last long.

When I was going out with my ex-girlfriend at the time, I told her about it... and when she finally saw how it was, she said that she "didn't mind" ... in a sort of non-convincing voice (we didn't break up because of it ;))

I tell myself that I want to stop, as I hate how it looks... and there's no good outcome from picking. While it feels good (sort of), I know that I'm damaging my body, making scars appear, making scabs and red marks that look horrible, and I really don't wait to do it! I guess I don't have much willpower on this matter. Perhaps I've got no motivation to stop picking, as nobody ever sees it... If I get a pimple on my face, I might pick at it once, but I'm quite good with not picking at it more than that. Probably because of my visual appearance.

I haven't tried any cleansing solutions other than soap on my back... perhaps I should? Though the picking problem is the main issue, I'd say. I haven't told a doctor or GP or whatever about this... should I? It bothers me, but then it doesn't bother me to the point where I want to spend money to help resolve this problem... I want to be able to do it myself, but this obviously isn't happening...

And I know it's unnatractive, but it's mainly only me who sees it... yet I don't like going swimming, due to the fact that other people will see it... and I don't want girlfriends to see it either, though maybe they could help me get over it...

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