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Re: Spironolactone
Sep 20, 2003
i take 100 mgs a day its says take with a small meal if stomach upset occurs u can get it online at #1 drugstore online out of thialand without a perscription.or u can send them ur doctors script.the best buy is the generic i think 41 dollars for 100 ....100mg tabs.i get mine at skin started clearing up after a week.everyones also taking 2.5 mgs of premerin.i also have to get a smack test every 3 months.these drugs r not to be messed with.spiro can cause blood clots,heart
attacks,liver damage ect,ect.if u willing to take the risk and know all the possible side effects then go to it.i would take accutane before i took spiro and prem if i were didnt work for me but it has for many people.all 3 r pretty dangerous drugs.personally i have had no side effects and my skin is great!!!!my skins not oily any more either.if ur at the point of killing urself u might want to try it,otherwise these r last resort drugs especillyfor a guy like me.but i have had no breakouts of ane kind in a year.also its not a cure,u have to keep taking it but my pores r much smaller.its just been great.

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[This message has been edited by joeh (edited 09-20-2003).]

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