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Hi Ladies,

Did any use Alesse for acne and find it beneficial??? If so, how long did u have to wait before seeing a difference?? Thanks..
I went on Alesse 3 years ago and I was on it for a good year and a half. My acne problems began a few weeks after I started taking it and it took me a long time to realize that it could be the problem. I went to my dermatologist and she showed me the chart of the best bcp's for acne and Alesse was definitely at the bottom for being the most androgenic. I have since changed to Yasmin which has worked wonders. I would definitely NOT recommend Alesse to anyone with acne or even clear skin for that matter, it was a horrible experience. But everyone is different so who knows how your skin will react.
Hi everybody,

Alesse sucks!
Sorry I'm sure its different for everybody...
But Alesse has made my skin 10x worse than it was originally.
It reversed the progress that Accutane accomplished.
I took it about 1 and 1/2 year after Accutane (because I started breaking out again), and now my skin is a mess.
I have a dermatologist appointment next week.
I don't know what to do now?
Topical meds (clindoxyl and differin) are no longer working too!
I have also tried Allesse and it didn't help with Acne.. it didn't help as much with the cramps and flow either.. but everyone reacts different to each pill, unfortunately you have to try them out.. one after the other until you find on right for you... its a long... frustrating process!!
I just switched to Alesse from Diane about 2 months ago. Diane completley cleared up my skin, but I wanted to get off because of the high dosage of hormones and the weight gain. Reading all the posts about Alesse causing break outs is really freaking me out. Im ready to switch to Yasmin!! DID ANYONE HAVE A GOOD EXPERIENCE WITH ALESSE?!
i would ask your Dr about putting you on orthtricyclen, (I have heard)it is the only bcp approved by the fda to be marketed as an acne medication. I have been on it for years and it works awesome! it takes a month or two to start to notice a difference though.
For some reason I believe Alesse suppresed my acne. Well I really don't know how but I never had any acne before Alesse so I got on it for birth control reasons only. Well I gained about 25 lbs. which was terrible so I wanted to get off to see if I could lose weight. In the first 3 months the weight just melted off but then my face started breaking out and slowly it got worse. So I got back on the pill but this time I tried Yasmin. My face was pretty bad at the time but now Yasmin has totally worked wonders! My face is looking great now.
Well, Ortho-tri-cyclen was horrible for my daughter's acne. She gave up in her 5th month cause it just got worse and worse. I was wondering if that one didn't work, which would be the logical one to try next? And, why do derms hardly ever approach acne hormonally for teens?

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