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it took you til your 7th pack to improve to that level?
my acne has been like through all the different types. it all started in about 4th grade, it was tolerable but it was still a little embarrassing being the like only one in my grade to have skin problems, you know. and then i started wearing makeup around 6th grade and my skin would always get really shiny(oily) and so that became another insecurity. now the acne is mainly on my jaw line but ever since iv started yaz it seems to be on my cheeks more. iv been really depressed with it, feeling like im never going to have clear skin since its been an issue for so long and i cant take it any more.
i just finished my second pack of yaz so im hoping good improvement starts to be evident this month, im really counting on it.
what kind of acne did you have and when did you start seeing improvement? thanks so much, i really appreciate it
Hi Everyone...

I am new to this site, and I am using Yaz currently to battle acne. I have been on alot of things from creams to antibiotics. I am currently on an antibiotic, a topical cream, and yaz. I am about to start my third month of yaz, and I still have not seen an improvement. My face seems worse than I started off with, and I am just so depressed and decided to turn somewhere where maybe people can relate to what I am going through :( even anyone can offer come advice or anything please do..

Believe30, I feel like were in the same boat.

I'm currently on Yaz, Doxycycline, and Retin a micro.

I'm starting my 3rd Yaz pack on Monday (Jan 5th). During the first month I just felt like my skin was getting worse and the second month wasn't much better.

I'm also getting acid peels at the derm once a month (3 total) and I think they may have been responsible for my skin worsening as well (the purges afterward). But in the long run I think they will help alot by getting all of the existing acne out now instead of later. I got one yesterday and my face is looking a bit better and so far, no purge this time :) . Maybe you could consider mentioning the acid peels to your derm, exfoliation is a key to improving acne.

But as far as Yaz goes, I've heard that 2 1/2 months is a popular time to start improving alot so im really counting on that being the case for me, and hopefully you as well. I know many people say 6 months but I'd like to be optimistic. And I believe 6 months was when they became clear? so improvement is all I need right now to start being more hopeful about Yaz, because honestly, I've been feeling a little doubtful...

Keep me updated, I'd love to know how you're doing.
Re: YAZ users - ???
Jan 12, 2009
whyfish, thanks for your post :)

The first 2 months of taking Yaz I really thought it wouldn't work for me, just like so many things haven't. Now going into the 3rd pack, I've had such great improvement in just the first week of it. I'm so excited because now I have so much faith that my skin will be clear soon. Good luck to all of you Yaz users. And for those of you struggling with acne and nothing seems to work, give bcp a try.
Re: YAZ users - ???
Feb 15, 2009
[QUOTE=savemeplease;3882200]Thanks guys!

I went to the derm. today and I got a glycolic peel (30) to help with the surface marks. I also got a sample IPL (Intense Pulse Light) because I had been worried it would be painful, but it was very tolerable. So I'll see if that helps with the redness in that area she did, and I'll probably get that done later on.

Yaz has improved my skin this month (4th pack), although it wasn't very consistent and still not too great, just 'improvement'.

I had also been taking doxycycline, but that hasn't seemed to be working at all so im switching to Bactrim tomorrow. It's a more potent antibiotic.

Hopefully that will do the trick, and I hope you all the best.[/QUOTE]

Hey savemeplease,

The third month on yaz has been the trick! My face has improved dramatically and I only get about one small pimple. But, the only thing is that I still have bad scarring so I went to a Medical Spa and got a micropeel ( consisted of a 20-30% glycolic peel and cryogenic therapy). I was planning on getting a microderm but the aesthetician recommended the peel and then the microderm later. It has made my skin dramatically smooth and fading my scars! It also did not make me peel and make my skin incredibly dry! I'm so happy and my confidence has boosted compared to a couple of months ago. So, hopefully I can finally defeat my acne and continue to feel confident! Doxycycline works only for a short period of time and sometimes u might need a higher dose in order for it to work. Let me know how the peel and light therapy worked.

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