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Ok I am at the end of my rope with Yasmin and don't know what to do. The first two cycles I did breakout all over my face ESPECIALLY THE DARN NECK AREA. My face, knock on wood doesn't look too bad and people say it is looking better, but of course I am worrying about my clog pores on my face that seem to stay forever. My back, chest, and forehead is clear BUT MY JAWLINE IS ABSURD. I have felt like my glands are swollen or something and my endroconologist wanted to check me for goiter but I told him that they are just big zits. The first month I got the big nasty nodules that took a month to leave and have left with what seems to be permanet redness. I thought no big deal I can deal with this for awhile and I knew I had alot of stubborn whiteheads down there before the treatment. But I am half way through the third cycle and last week and yesterday I got these HUGE MONSTERS that scrathced hurt burned and started to point out like they where pointing at people. I mean these are the HUGEST ZITS THAT I HAVE EVER HAD and I am getting them in clusters. This weekend I had five HUGE honkers on my left jawline all of them had heads the size of pencil erasers they scratched like heck and for three days I was so paranoid not to scratch that area cause of opening them up. Then I went to a class this weekend and I saw a guy take a double glance at my jawline then I went into the bathroom and saw that all of them were POINTING OUT about a half a centimeter LONG! LOOKED LIKE PUS MISSLES LOL. They just kept growing and growing and I popped them that night after class. Now my poor left jaw is one giant scab. Yesterday I cried cause my right jaw was getting a few big scrathy things too and I couldn't take it so I popped them too. Yippie now my right jaw has two scabs. Now I am going to have scarring where I didn't used to have scarring. However I am getting some good benefits from the Yasmin. My tesosterone has gone from high normal to low normal 50 to 25 points or whaever. My facial hair has gone down. Body hair has dropped dramatically and I don't need to use draino in my sinks and shower from hair loss on scalp. I know results are usually seen in 12 weeks and I am going to get there soon for I have been on the yasmin for two and a half months. But I am tired tired tired of these pus missles and I mean I have had the heads come off with a wash cloth on my jaw and pus woould ooze out of them, and I mean ALOT. God I sound gross and dirty. But I don't know what to do and thought maybe others had the same expierience with the Yasmin with breakout intially especially the jawline. Then another question, has anyone noticed wow improvement with this pill. I like the pill otherwise, I lost five pounds, no migranes, no depression, and no nausea. Should I give the Yasmin some more time or switch or just get off the darn bc pills all together. See I am hoping I can use a bc to help acne cause I have been on antibiotics for so long. I thought that I had hormonal acne due to facial hair, body hair, and thinning scalp hair and wanted to try yasmin cause I heard the progesterone in it is like spironolatone.

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