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[QUOTE=Arelias;3847519]OMG, yes. I've had acne since I was 16 (now 20) and over the years it has gotten progressively worse. I've never had crazy severe acne but enough acne for me to feel like i want to crawl in a hole and wait til it subsides. I've tried everything as well and I'm counting on a healthy diet and YAZ bcp to clear my face once and for all. I do the same as you've done, I stay in my room all day and if I dare leave anywhere, even to the bathroom, I pack on make-up so people don't look at me and get disgusted. My moods suck and I've lost a lot of potential bf's due to my insecurities. I feel like I'm not good enough for anyone because my face is so gross. I don't go out very often (only to go to school and work) and I don't have very many friends. I almost feel narsisstic because I'm so OCD over having nice skin. I just wish I wasn't plagued with this awful social life/self esteem destroyer. Sometimes I sit in my room and cry, begging for clear skin. Its so frustrating because life is so short and I'm wasting away drowning in my misery. Kids are tough crowds but as long as you show them your potential of being a fun teacher that they will enjoy, ur acne will be overlooked. Good luck and I hope my misery will subside.[/QUOTE]

Hey Arelias, sorry to hear you have the same problem as me. I feel for you. I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy. It's horrible because you can't help how low and lacking in self esteem as you do but it obviously worries loved ones and friends and you end up feeling like you are a burden to the people who care about you. I had all last week off work. I've been on antibiotics. They are working a bit but not fast enough. Green stuff has been coming out of my cheeks. It makes me feel sick when I squeeze it- I know you shouldn't squeeze but the swelling makes me look like I'm deformed. I've been back in work this week and only one of the kids has said something so far, it hurt but I brushed it off. Have you been referred to a dermatologist? My sister used to have worse skin than me but hers cleared up after going to a dermotologist. I asked the doctor to refer me but I'm moving to another part of London at the end of the month and the doctor said I would need to register with another doctor and get referred from there as it is a different borough. Keep your chin up- please don't let acne ruin your life. There have been times when I have felt suicidal because of how I look (like last night for example) but I had a reality check when I thought about how much it would hurt my family and the kids at school who rely on me for their education. Write down your fears and worries in a journal- sometimes I find that helps when I'm feeling down. I really hope things work out for you and thank you for replying to my post x

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