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Re: Accutane
Sep 22, 2003
Hi Everyone!

This is my last month on Accutane. For the first 2
months I took 40mg, for the second 2 60mg and last Friday I got my great dermatologist to get me on 80mg. I asked for it myself. The rule is, take 1mg for every kilogram you weigh, which for you americans is about 2 pounds. I weigh 100 pounds, that is roughly 46kg and should only have been taking 40mg. I'm 24 and got acne last year for the first time in my life. Nothing was helping, but this is what I did: for 1 month, I took minocycline 100mg a day to take care of the infection causing bacteria. In the morning I used benzacly and in the evening differin gel. For one month only. Than I went to a different dermatologist and told him I NEED ACCUTANE!!! All the preparation and tests took about a month, during which time I did a chemical peel. It burned the heck out of my skin...usually they do two layers, I asked for three and I got what I wanted. Than, my zits stopped to appear.
Accutane only got my lips a little dry, but Aquaphor really works. It's better than a lipgloss-shiny all day and you don't have to reapply as often. For the first couple of days, I was a little I cannot drive at is a little blurry, but hopefully in a month, when I'm done with accutane, my vision returns as well.
It is a great medicine, but I think all the things I did before helped for me to get a great start on it!
SECRET!!!---stop picking!!!---after I stopped, no new zits!!!
Make sure you have a good health accutane costs about $900 a month. But all I do now is wash my face and GO!!!

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