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hello jenny.

im having a same problem (i've been on retin-A and bp wash for like 8 months now) and my derm told me to use this toner by Eucerin. they are available at your local stores. also this shine-free thing from Neutrogena works really well also. it gets rid of your blotchyness as soon as you apply it.

its a really small tube but like 13 dollars. if your face gets oily at school, just get a wet paper towel (available in the bathrooms lol) and gently wipe away your skin and apply the neutrogena thing. if you wanna find out what the name of t his neutrogena thing is, just reply this msg and i'll tell you what it is. im kinda lazy to go upstairs right now lol. i hope i helped
If you dont know this yet- please dont wash your skin more than twice a day. If you do your skin will become dry thus producing more oil-and then more breakouts.
If you eat oily foods-esp. saturated fats, you will notice that the oil is released through your skin as it is not fully absorbed through the digestive tract.
If you use Glycolic Acid that should maintain some balance. i do not recommend drying products such as benzoyl peroxide unless you are doing a spot treatment. I stopped taking retin-A b/c it dried out my skin so much that my skin did not improve. Even lotion didnt help.
I feel that Acidophilus is useful too-and has other beneficial properties as well-for the digestive tract. This is what has worked for me.
I had mild acne and very oily skin. Accutane was a miracle for me! I wake up every morning with nice, dry skin. My face doesn't look greasy all day long and I'm not constantly wiping grease off my face. I'm just so much more comfortable. Not to mention I'm 100% clear and have had no side effects from accutane. If you have mild acne, your derm would probably put you on a low dose so its unlikely you would get any side effects. And I agree with one of the other posters. Topical treatments will do nothing for oily skin. They may help clear a pimple or two, but they won't make much of a difference with the oil. I used retin-a micro for several years. I used an excessive amount at times to help with the oil and all it did was make my skin painfully dry and peel. Plus I was still oily in the t-zone area. Orals are the only thing that can help you.

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