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I never had red marks on my face for months. The Regenerist stuff does not work well, I got that too, the serum and the perfection cream that stuff probably takes 6 months of use to work. I tried basically everything for my ice picks the 2 that I have that are almost gone, I finally bought 40% chemical peel off the internet it was 70 dollars I still have a lot of it too, it is great. I use Mederma, look for it on skincare websites or something it was like 20 dollars. It is for Acne and Burn Scars. I only have those red marks for a week maybe the most 2 weeks, I use mederma, and I also use the pro activ refining mask which makes them go away even faster. I used Mederma by itself when I stoped pro activ and they went away fast. I would leave it on over night and then if it was a weekend I would leave it on all day and in a few days the spots were gone. It works great, if your having your spots for months I would give it a try. After it dries up it looks like skin peeling, but its really the lotion stuff it is great!
Hey Nicko12 I have a question for you. Do you think that the Mederma is better than Regenerist Serum. And will it work well on your acne scars? ;)
I am still on Pro Actic by the way. I used it back in Jan and then stopped which was the worst mistake ever. THE Rifining mask is great. When I didn't have that I use and still use Mederma which I have more of. Mederma works great and my marks are not there for more then I would say 5 days, sometimes if it was like a really bad pimple the longest the mark might be there is 2 weeks because it takes some time to fade, but usually not more then a few days. I have the regenerist and the surum I don't remember if thats how you spell it I get kind of dumb at times, but yes all that I bought everything possible that I seen on TV or on the internet. That surum and the perfection cream I still have a lot of that stuff is really expensive by the way and it doesn't work for me. I got it for my ice pick scars. The only thing working for them is the weekly chemical peels I am giving myself there almost gone I am really happy about that. If I could tell you how depressing I get about this ACNE and the ice pick scars! My face is almost clear besides the ice pick scars which are almost gone and this one horrible pimple I got that Hurts like hell its almost gone, it came out of no where and it hurt when I touched it been using hot compresses on it. Pro Activ is the only thing that gets me completely clear. I dont have severe acne but pimples here or there and the occasional outbreak/blemish but those go away within 2 weeks scars and all.

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