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I don't know if you have the money, but this is what has happened to me. I don't go out anymore, well not really after I started getting ACNE, because I get insecure about it. I got PRO Activ in Jan and didn't give it enough time, then stopped and was back were I started and I use to pick and got 2 ice pick scars there almost gone. I then would buy everything in the stores to see what would work you name it I got it, the cleansers the washclothes from neutrogena from olay I tried everything avenno. I don't think im spelling these 100% right, but the best thing that has worked is Pro Activ and Mederma for the scars. You can still get a pimple from Pro Activ, but it is no where near as bad as with the whole break outs in certain spots. After 2 months of using it you will see your face completely clear. You can see a huge difference every week, but it takes time for your skin to heal from before using Pro Activ, since it takes 3 weeks for a pimple to show anyway. I heard it does not work for some people, but i would give it a try. That is what I do and this is the only thing that seems to help, i will grow out of it I am not a severe case its just because im still going through the puberty thing I have had it for 3 years I am almost 16 now, I hope this doesnt last too long I don't think it will, my brother had severe acne and his was just a phase thing my parents never had acne, I bet this thing skips a generation or something. I would try Pro Activ and definitely get Mederma for the scars. Give it time, it works out. Don't use alcohol either I used that and it took me 2 months for my skin to get half way back to normal that stuff dries your skin up and makes it tight and not good looking..

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