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Hey everyone,
This is my first time posting here - so hello all. Anyway, I am in my early 30's and STILL dealing with acne!! It sucks, to put it mildly! Anyway, here is the deal: I get regular pimples and whiteheads and blackheads on my face, my back, and the back of my neck. However, in addition to all that mess -I also get these strange lumps/bumps on the back of my neck that are smaller than the size of a pea - and they are under the skin and they do not come up to the surface. They have been on the back of my neck for years. You cannot see them - but if I lean my head forward so that the skin on the back of my neck is tight - then I can touch my skin on the back of my neck and feel all these lumps and bumps under my skin. They are definitely not pimples - but I am wondering if this is scar tissue that remained from past acne that I got on the back of my neck?

My first question is - do any of you have these things on the back of your neck? Again - they are not pimples or any type of acne. Another theory I have is that they might be bumps of clogged lymphatic tissue that are just stuck and cannot get out - which is maybe why I have the acne in the first place.

I first noticed them years ago when I began to get acne on my jawline and under my chin on my neck (front of my neck). What is a bummer is that they have been on the back of my neck for years and they just won't go away. I thought about doing a lymphatic cleansing using one of those lymph machines that have a wand that the practitioner applies over your body to flush out the lymphatic system. The thing is - I have to have the money to do this, and also have to find a practitioner in my state. So let me know if any of you have this same problem - because maybe it's related to having acne - or maybe it isn't - but I want to hear from some of you! Thank you!!

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