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I had severe cystic acne starting around the age of 15 and for the past 8 years i have tried everything imaginable to cure it from going to dermatologist to proactiv to trying accutane. None of this stuff helped and I finally from looking on this site figured I would try a naturopath. The naturopath was best thing i ever decided to do and realized no matter how much of the medicine crap i put on my face was not the cure. Acne is caused by hormones and problems on the inside of your body and cant be cured by any creams. I discovered I had celiac disease which is a food allergy and am allergic to certain foods. whenever i would eat this or drink alcohol my skin would always break out. I also was told to eliminate sugar and sweets. Stopping all these medicines and using a natural soap and using jojoba oil as a moisturizer and sticking to this diet for the past 6 months cured about 80percent of my skin problems and i dont really break out anymore except if i end up drinking or eating something not healthy. its hard to eat healthy all the time but its worth it in long run and drink 64 ounces of water a day. Doing this alone for six months helped better then past 8 years of trying every medicine out there. However i want to finally cure my skin 100 percent and the other cause of acne is toxins and parasites built up in peoples bodys. I decided to start colonix and toxinout. the colonix consist of a tea you drink at night and fiber and these paranil capsules to kill fiber you take in the morning. It is a 90 day detox program that gets rid of all the crap in your body and decided to keep a daily journal on this website to let everyone know how it is going and worth it........
Day 1.... I drank the tea the previous night to get started right away and already had to strong bowel movements this morning and have had 2 headaches and felt weak all day. I called the company help line and they said this is good because that means im starting to remove the toxins out of my body. My skin has also become oily and broken out a little but that shows its a good sign because the toxins in my body trying to come out are what is causing the rest of the skin problems i have.... sorry for long post the other ones will be short i just wanted to write a brief background

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