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Omg, I really want to thank Alexandra for posting that information, because now I know what the strange bruises are on my legs that have never gone away. I was on minocycline for quite a while. At first I suspected some sort of blood disorder or some horrible STD. But thank you so much for posting.
I was on Minocycline for two years. I just quit taking it three and a half months ago! O.k. I have bruising on my legs as well. My mom who is taking a nutrition class said that when you are antibiotics for a long time that your body becomes defficient of vitamin K and therefore bruising occurs. I have been taking a daily vitamin and am hoping my bruises go away. I have about four of them. They did result from being hit or bumping myself, but then just never went away. Other than that the Minocycline worked for me........until it stopped working for me! Antibiotics won't work for forever. I have posted several other places but I will post here as well. I am fighting my acne with Evening Primrose oil (helps balance out hormones, which is the true cause of acne....androgens, testosterone, etc.) and then the kicker of it all.....using Hydrogen Peroxide as my toner! I swear to you that this has been my cure. I wash my face morning and night, apply hydrogen peroxide with a cottonball, wait for it to dry (you may feel some stinging/itching as it dries, only a minute or two and for me that has totally subsided) and then moisturize. In the morning I always apply makeup after moisturizer as well. I am totally acne free! Now I'm approaching my monthly visitor and so I have noticed a few three! Nothing compared to before, popping up. With the peroxide and leaving them alone they are gone in two days! I'm not joking! No dermatologist would want you to know this as they wouldn't have a job anymore. Now I am hoping this can work for so many other people. It's just too good to believe and so cheap and simple! It has worked for me. All I say is try it! You might find it is your cure as well! OH, I'm a 27 year old female.......not supposed to be breaking out at 27!!! Good luck!
I was a long time minocycline user. I went to the derm BECAUSE of the brusing all over my legs that would not go away. She examined me and took notes. When she found out I was on mino for acne, she exclaimed, oh my!! how long? thats what the discoloration all over your legs is from. She said NO ONE should be on mino for a long period of time, and switched me to Doxycyline (which I am not taking) I also had very dark cirlces under eyes, like bruises, and other face patchiness. I have been off for 5 months and the discoloration is a lot better. Maybe this summer I won't have to hear OMG what happened to your legs? were you in a car accident? When I went back a few weeks later, she had studied up more on the mino issue and said there was just a medical journal story circulated about the dangers of mino and the bad side effects of long term use. Don't use this drug for a long time. I started on Spiro a month ago and am doing much better w/acne since mine is from androgen sensitivity. Good luck all.

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