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Watch out if you are taking the anti-biotic MINOCYCLINE. It is the strongest of the three tetracycline family.

Minocycline has caused 2 deaths already. But, these deaths were due to one patient mixing this drug with another - while another patient overdosed. 5 people have commited suicide after being depressed. All five were on Minocyline. But Minocycline is not know to cause depression.

I forgot the web page I got this info from, but you can find it in no time if you go to Google and type MINOCYCLINE DEATHS or FACTS or anything in the likes.

My dermatologist told me that MINOCYCLINE sometimes makes a patients gums and nails BLUE. Yes, BLUE. Blue like that Blueberry girl in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

Just some facts I wanted to mention on this drug.


Nevertheless, I am taking it. It has been 2 months I am on it - and my dermatologist said to continue for another 2 months of 2 per day. [morning and night - 100mg].

After the 4 month period, you should reduce to 2 months of just 1 per day.

After that 2 month period, you should reduce to 1 pill every other day.

The key is stopping in a decending manner. If you stop a drug completely the next day - your skin may get worse.
Minocycline is bad.
My boyfriend has been on Minocycline for over 2 years (and only Mino, nothing else) and has been completely clear ever since. He has had several blood tests indicating that everything is going okay. All antibiotics, not just minocycline, kill the good bacteria. I think it is fine, millions of people are on antibiotics.
Omg, I really want to thank Alexandra for posting that information, because now I know what the strange bruises are on my legs that have never gone away. I was on minocycline for quite a while. At first I suspected some sort of blood disorder or some horrible STD. But thank you so much for posting.
the side effects here
seem worse to me then accutane

at least after accutane you might get the possibility of clear skin forever

with antibiotics it looks like everybody gets a mutated form of acne
minocyclin also didnt do anything for me.
Mino did nothing for me either. I wasn't getting the massive cysts like I did before I took it but once I went off, it's like it got worse. So now I'm on accutane and even though there are also numerous side effects, the hope that I may never have to deal with cysts again outweigh pretty much everything else for me right now.
I was on Minocycline for two years. I just quit taking it three and a half months ago! O.k. I have bruising on my legs as well. My mom who is taking a nutrition class said that when you are antibiotics for a long time that your body becomes defficient of vitamin K and therefore bruising occurs. I have been taking a daily vitamin and am hoping my bruises go away. I have about four of them. They did result from being hit or bumping myself, but then just never went away. Other than that the Minocycline worked for me........until it stopped working for me! Antibiotics won't work for forever. I have posted several other places but I will post here as well. I am fighting my acne with Evening Primrose oil (helps balance out hormones, which is the true cause of acne....androgens, testosterone, etc.) and then the kicker of it all.....using Hydrogen Peroxide as my toner! I swear to you that this has been my cure. I wash my face morning and night, apply hydrogen peroxide with a cottonball, wait for it to dry (you may feel some stinging/itching as it dries, only a minute or two and for me that has totally subsided) and then moisturize. In the morning I always apply makeup after moisturizer as well. I am totally acne free! Now I'm approaching my monthly visitor and so I have noticed a few three! Nothing compared to before, popping up. With the peroxide and leaving them alone they are gone in two days! I'm not joking! No dermatologist would want you to know this as they wouldn't have a job anymore. Now I am hoping this can work for so many other people. It's just too good to believe and so cheap and simple! It has worked for me. All I say is try it! You might find it is your cure as well! OH, I'm a 27 year old female.......not supposed to be breaking out at 27!!! Good luck!
I have been taking minocylcline for about.. maybe 4-5 months. I'm alarmed about this new information about bruising and other serious side effects. Minocycline has been effective for me, as it has dramatically decreased the amount of pimples I get on my face, but it hasn't totally cleared it up.

My dermotologist seems satisfied with this antibotic (he has always had me on one thing or another), and he hasn't taken me off of it and has instead changed topical treatments.

My question is.. since I have been on this for a few months, should I expect to see bruising if I get taken off it sometime soon or later in the future? And should I expect to see a breakout shortly after?

I was minocyclin the first time for three month- total clear and no side affects. My skin stayed clear for about three weeks after the first course before i started to break out again. The second time I had another three months supply but started getting a side affect simialiar to virtigo ( dizzy, off balance- couldnt waklk in a straight line ) ect. Became so bad that I actually fell down twice- then thats when I said thats enough- its not worht the clear skin- Ive been off of it for almost 8 month and still have the same effects but not as bad- Hopefully it will go away- Dr. said I could be expeirincing these for up to a year or more before it where off. he says the medication can stay in the blood stream for up to 4 yrs after u stop taking it. If I would have knowen about some of the side effects I dont think I would have taken it in the first place.

I hear if u take vitimine c with it it will lesson the chance of u gettin the bruise spots on your skin- this is caused by the medication because it turnes your blood a bright purple color if takin over a long period of time???
Aaron43, I was just wondering, how much did you pay (US or CAN) for your minocycline? I just got a prescription for 50mg and I'm hoping it's not too costly.
Mino cost me about 65 dollars a month (CDN) for 100 mg/day (2X50mg pills/day)
[QUOTE=Aaron43]Nevertheless, I am taking it. It has been 2 months I am on it - and my dermatologist said to continue for another 2 months of 2 per day. [morning and night - 100mg].

After the 4 month period, you should reduce to 2 months of just 1 per day.

After that 2 month period, you should reduce to 1 pill every other day.

The key is stopping in a decending manner. If you stop a drug completely the next day - your skin may get worse.[/QUOTE]

I was just prescribed minocycline and it's a 50 day supply with 1 refill. If I take it for the 50 days and don't get more, does that mean that my acne will get worse because I stopped taking it so abruptly? This really worries me and it makes me not want to take it at all. I only have mild to moderate acne. The only thing that's actually really noticable is the red spots it leaves behind.
My boyfriend was on minocyclin for about 2 weeks... he started getting hives, and although his acne cleared up somewhat, he couldn't live with the constant itchiness and bumps.
I know this thread is old, but... last night my son who's been on mino for at least 2 years at twice a day 100mg, showed me his gums. the upper part of his gums are blue! thankfully the portion around his teeth are red. Called the derm this morning and gave them hell. Question they dared to ask me, 'he was in here in February - did he mention it then?" I said, 'he, nor I, knew that this is a side effect of mino. he didn't put 2 and 2 together (not sure if he even noticed it then anyway) and YOU should be looking for this stuff!' Well, they said, it doesn't happen very often. Anyway he was on a three month withdrawal period and it's been a month and they want him to stop - no really?! They also said, as I've read, that the blue should go away once he stops mino. I just hope we caught it in enough time so his teeth don't turn gray because that doesn't go away. I paid $4,000 to straighten his teeth! If they turn gray...

So, please be careful and keep a watch on your teeth, gums, and fingernails (his nails are fine, but it is another area that could turn blue). Here we are trading one problem for a worse one!

They put him on a topical antibacterial foam - I'll update with name as soon as I get it - they told me but I don't know how to spell it. He'll use that in the morning and taxorac at night. Hope he doesn't have a breakout.

Just wanted to add that mino did clear up his acne but gave him an overall redness that I spent $$ on laser treatments to get rid of! He always looked like he had just done a major workout. Not a sunburn look just very flushed. The laser treatments helped but he needed 5 at $125 a pop. Didn't do it at derm, they acutally did two with their laser treatment at $250 a pop, but I couldn't afford to keep going. They gave him a third treatment at half price because of my bitching. ugh.
I was a long time minocycline user. I went to the derm BECAUSE of the brusing all over my legs that would not go away. She examined me and took notes. When she found out I was on mino for acne, she exclaimed, oh my!! how long? thats what the discoloration all over your legs is from. She said NO ONE should be on mino for a long period of time, and switched me to Doxycyline (which I am not taking) I also had very dark cirlces under eyes, like bruises, and other face patchiness. I have been off for 5 months and the discoloration is a lot better. Maybe this summer I won't have to hear OMG what happened to your legs? were you in a car accident? When I went back a few weeks later, she had studied up more on the mino issue and said there was just a medical journal story circulated about the dangers of mino and the bad side effects of long term use. Don't use this drug for a long time. I started on Spiro a month ago and am doing much better w/acne since mine is from androgen sensitivity. Good luck all.
karm, how long were you on it? son was on it a little over 2 years.
Wow, this is sooo weird to hear. I have been on quite a few different antibiotics for acne...this was a few years ago, as I refuse to be on antibiotics now, since I understand that it is not good for your body and am very health conscious. anyway, i've been on Minocycline....I don't think I was ever on any antibiotics for more than a few months at a time, I always stopped due to side effects. But for a couple years I had bluish bruising all up and down my shins. It wasn't hugely noticeable, but if you looked you could definitely see I had bruising all up and down them. I just shrugged it off, since it wasn't something that physically hurt, and after a long time it went away. I don't have it now. But, I now suspect this is why. I never had any idea it was a side effect until reading this thread.

DON'T TAKE ANTIBIOTICS, THEY ARE NOT GOOD FOR LONG TERM USE. Certainly no good for acne, unless all you're looking for is a shirt term fix and you don't mind having worse acne after you are done.
that is so strange.. I was on it for YEARS straight and never had any issues. For the most part i was on 100mg twice a day.

I did have periodic bloodwork and it was always fine
our derm never did bloodwork. never looked for anything or asked questions related to any side effects. the only thing they did say was that this happened infrequently. yeah, that gives me more comfy feeling. not.
Minocycline was a nightmare for me. After the 4th day I broke out in hives all over my body. I was miserably itchy all over, even my scalp! Hives would pop up on my eye lids and my ear lobes. On top of that, I had nausea, vomiting, ringing in my ears... literally every side effect that was on the warning label I got. I lost 10 pounds from all the vomiting and it took one week after I stopped taking the pills to fully recover. Obviously, I am severely allergic.

And of course, my dermatologist did not tell me any of the side effects. It was not until I went to fill the prescription the pharmacist told me taking it can make birth control pills less effective. Be careful when taking this.

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