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25 Feb 2009
Weight:90Kg = 200lbs
Dosage:20mg once daily

Day 21 cont-
Allrighty then...... update on the sex drive post. Now mind you my moral beliefs prohibit some things. So this is tough for me.. Further attempts to utlize my natural processes met with success. I will continue to check on this capability throughout my Accutane course and after my prescription is complete. It is possible that I have read far to much material regarding the usage of this drug. I may be psyching myself out. Intimacy is such a mental event. It should be noted that 5 million people have now taken this drug. You would think there would be more on impotence if it was prevalent. I still do believe that individuals that have reported impotence are telling the truth. Things have changed in my body. I may have psyched myself out or maybe not. To early to tell. If you are following this thread you should also remember this evidence is anecdotal at best, and the reported experiences of just one person. I am not a health care professional and have had no formal training whatsoever. So, I will just try and be honest with what I experience as it happens. I will continue to closely monitor this aspect of this therapy. I apologize if I have offended anyone, I am trying to be as discreet as possible for both women and men who may read this thread. But, hair falling out, impotence, depression and a myriad of other side effects reported by individuals who have used Accutane warrant this level of reporting. The issue is not temporary impotence, its permanent impotence that has me freaked. Some individuals have reported this effect even after stopping Accutane. I don't trust big pharma or doctors implicitly. My wife and I value our intimate relationship and I don't believe I wish to trade it for a clear face. So hang in there, I will report daily to the best of my ability any notable changes that may occur. So for now the libido outcome is still on hold.

Ps. My wife says it looks like I had a nose job, I didn't realize how swollen it was from all the excess sebaceous activity.

Keep the faith!
LowTane :p
Just wanted to put my two cents in. I used Accutane 3 times! The first two times, a very low dose..the third time, much higher. Almost a year in between each of my rounds, and each and every time by the time the year ended, my skin was twice as bad as I started! It seems for me, that as soon as the oil glands start to "repair" themsevles- my acne, which is mostly cystic- comes back tenfold.
My derm suggested I try Photodynamic Therapy ALA , which is a more permanent solution. I had my first treatment on was slightly painful, but by the time it was over, it wasnt so bad...the next day, I was red and flushed, like a sunburn, however no pain at all. Ive been moisturizing like crazy! What I do notice is that there isnt a blackhead or whitehead on my face- the two cysts which were starting to form went down significantly and the few actual pimples which were there dried up over night and are virtually gone. The scarring, which is what Im most concerned about - has not changed at this point, but my derm did say it takes up to a week or two to see any results and which probably take 3 treatments spaced 2 weeks apart to show significant differnce.
Im stoked to see if this works. There are NO physiological side effects to this procedure...
best of luck to everyone-
16 Mar 2009
Weight:90Kg = 200lbs
Dosage:20mg every 4 days

Good to hear from ya OldLawyer, I am glad all went well at the Docs. On the internet thing, most Doctors will say the same thing with the web reading. I tend to agree to a point, but doctors are people and they are fallable. I don't believe they are perfect in their overall outlook on many things. They do however run businesses, and that in itself is an issue. You probably have run into self appointed lawyers and have the same reaction. But, the web is an incredible source of information, anecdotal yes, and produced by lay people with no formal professional training. Its all true. My case in point would be this, either your Doctor just hasn't heard of this side effect before or the multitude of individuals who report loss of sex drive after engaing in Accutane therapy are wrong. Someone has to be right, only one or the other can be true. I can find lots of people reporting this side effect. It is possibly a rare side effect in comparison to the millions who have taken Accutane. To give her credit, she probably just hasn't run into it before and believes it is not a valid side effect. I can accept that, doesn't make all the individuals reporting this side effect wrong either. It has definitely affected my libido, which is something I am very tuned into, it is slight but noticeable. As long as it isn't permanent I have no problem with this effect. It's not uncommon for many different drugs to effect libido. Albeit temporary..... Many individuals support this finding in multilple places. The web has its place and for the most part Doctors are right in suggesting that you should take web reading with a grain of salt. However, Doctors learn most of what they learn about drugs from patient feedback. Studies conducted on drugs also rely somewhat on patient feedback. The same type of feedback that is posted by every day regular people on the web. So, in the end, it is a mixed bag of nuts. Doctors in the past never had to face patients armed with so much information, some reliable and some not so reliable. My Doctor prescribed my wife Ambien and her throat swelled up and she had trouble breathing. Ambiem reported this side effect on their website as anapyhlactic shock. They suggested discontinuing the drug immediately. My Doctor who had been prescribing Ambien for several years had never heard of this side effect before. He knows now.......

I remain cautious but optimistic about this amazing controversial drug. Everyone is different and may have different side effects.

Best Wishes
19 Mar 2009
Weight:90Kg = 200lbs
Dosage:20mg every 7 days

Well, not much to say here. I am half way through the second month of my Accutane therapy. A total of 660mgs of Accutane have been consumed. As you know the title of this thread is "LowDose" Accutane. What is considered low dose? Anything less than the common standard of .5 to 1 milligram of Accutane for every Kilogram of body weight. You will find that researchers consider the total cummulative dose the key factor in remission rates. So, you would end up taking just as much Accutane as a high doser. It would just take a longer therapy to reach the total cummulative dose. So, whats the difference? Some Doctors believe that higher doses result in better and longer remission rates. There are many reports of successful remission at higher dosages. Recently reports on low dose studies have also shown good remission rates for low dosers. Some doctors in other countries are using low doses bi-weekly to sustain remission in some patients. These doctors have reported that monthly blood tests are not required at these low dosages. So, this is actually where I wish to end up if I don't get a remission. Start low, stay low and try to avoid any longterm side effects at all costs. Now it should be noted I have found no studies on longterm low dose Accutane therapies. Short term studies exist. Therein lies the problem. Long term lowdose could be as much a risk as short term high dose. All of these assertions should be taken with a grain of websalt. Ask lots of questions, get more than one doctor's opinion if possible. Try to ignore threads like this one and form your own opinions based on professional resources only. I paid to get the scientific journal access for Rosacea, Acne and the effects of low dose Accutane. I am convince it is right for me, with my obsessive mindset and all. How is it working so far? Wow! My life has improved immensely. But, inspite of it all. There are a multitude of people suing and winning over Accutane longterm side effects. It is easy to find what seems to be normal average everyday people reporting on different blogs horrific experiences with this drug. I can't ignore that entirely, I just can't. It is anecdotal and non-professional reporting to say the least. I still think there is some merit in paying heed to these stories. It is also fair to say that many high dosers report the return of there acne. Yet, it is also fair to say that many high dosers report long multi-year remissions with no long term side effects. It is also my speculation that successful Accutane users aren't as likely to report. They are to busy having fun. With 12,000,000 users world wide reported it seems that the percentage of bad experiences might be low. So, in the end, I know nothing other than what my own research has produced in the way of a perception of Accutane. I just know this, if engaging in certain behavior can result in a permanent long term outcome, I really want to dot my eyes and cross my tees before leaping into a therapy. My experience with doctors has shown me that it is okay to second guess them. This is where the "get a second opinion" cliche originated from. People second guessing their doctor. Please read up on possible longterm side effects. It is not a fantasy, many of these effects are listed right on the warning label in my very own Accutane prescription box. I am just a regular person trying to deal with a mentally devasting physical condition. Acutally two conditions. I have both Rosacea and Acne, and because of Accutane you would never know it. It has amazed me to no end......

I wish you the best...

19 Mar 2009
Weight:90Kg = 200lbs
Dosage:20mg every 7 days

I am not sure who is following this diatribe, but it is getting a bit thin on content. I will start posting weekly. Its getting too repetitive, all I can say is every day I am still 100% clear. I think this will get interesting again when I have terminated my low dose therapy. I leave you with this summary:

I started taking what is considered low dose Accutane for my size. This was made possible after I lobbied my Dermatologist with no less than 5 different studies on low dose Accutane from several different countries. After I dropped off the material I got a call and he set the dosage along the lines of the average low dose reported in the aforementioned studies. The first month I took 20mgs daily. I had immediate results. I had been given an antibiotic that doesn't contraindicate with Accutane in case the intial breakout was bad. He didn't want to do this at first, but it turns out I didn't need it. Accutane went to work gangbusters. With this dosage I had only some mild side effects. Slightly dampened libido, dry lower lip and an occasional mild headache. After the first month I was 100% clear. I then dropped my dosage to 20mg every 4 days. I remained clear...I then dropped it to 20mg every 7 days. I am still remaining clear at this dosage. This is where I am now.
I will continue my low dose experiment. When I have something to report I will certainly post it. Until then, I can only say you might consider low dosage if you have moderate or maybe even severe acne. You might consider low dosage if you have major oil problems. Hell you might consider low dosage if you have a hang nail......I have to say it has been a miracle for me so far. I fear the high dosage idea and will probably never ever opt for it. Doesn't mean that high dosage hasn't worked for people. It has.. I just believe that it makes permanent side effects even more possible. These are my own personal feelings, like I said, a grain of salt. I know nothing about this drug in all reality. I am just operating on my personal instincts. So, my observations only serve one purpose. They are cathartic for me. It may however help someone to hear someone else's story. Please read read read and get lots of doctor's opinions before saturating your body with this controversial miracle drug called Accutane.

I wish everyone the best.
Hi there,
I'd like to thank you for your updates, Lowtane and Old Lawyer. They have been most informative. I wanted to show you what you have inspired in me and my story. I have included dates from when I started recording this.
Case: Moderate acne since 14 controlled by daily vigorous exercise and over-the-counter treatments and extremely low fat and suger intake.
By controlled I mean only a bad pimple every couple of weeks instead of every day. This has been continous and my skin, although clear on some days, still had the healing marks of the pimples from a few weeks ago, so I never was clear in that sense. Luckily for me, my skin heals quick quickly and with little scarring. This year I made up my mind that, even if it kills me, I will rid myself of acne. The OTC stuff never really helped keep my pimples at bay.
My First success!
Aug 7 2009: My first success was with the treatment using large B5 dosages, 6 grams a day. The long term affects of this are unknown, but I can tell you that the short term affects are miraculous.
Aug 21 2009: My skin was clear of new pimples and the old ones have alomst healed up. This cleared me up quite quickly and finally gave my skin time to heal (to the point that one girl who had just met me, on finding out I had a brain, said "I thought you were just a pretty boy". I have never been a pretty boy before!)
After a lot more reading about it I found that this is not a permanant cure and it's long term affects are largely unknown. There are some case studies of individual paitients suffering terrible side effects after a few years of this, however they were individual cases and not a study on a group. They could be isolated cases (1 in a million chance of happening) or it could be unrelated, however the odds are unknown and I decided to seek a cure more proven.
15 Sep 2009 : Introduced 20 mg a day of accutane, 6 grams of B5. This decision was mostly inspired by this thread the Lowtane and Old Lawyer have been posting too.
17 Sep 2009: Wasn't ready for the dry lips and face of accutane. I dropped to 10 mg a day, 6 grams of B5.
20 Sep 2009: Feeling better and more prepared (with lip balm) and back to 20 mg a day, 6 grams of B5.
26 Sep 2009: Dropped to 4 grams of B5 a day, keeping at 20 mg accutane. Face is getting a bit red.
28 Sep 2009: Accutane is holding well with the drop in B5. Very dry skin but not too much flaking.
30 Sep 2009: One small whitehead, the first since 2 weeks after I started B5.
6 Oct 2009: Down to 2 grams of B5, 20 mg of accutane.
9 Oct 2009: Down to 1 gram of B5 a day, increased to 40 mg of accutane for the weekends. I believe that I can take extra accutane over the weekends as I am not going out much. I have basically shut my life down and I am living like a bit of a hermit (well, no big parties) until I have my face under control again.

To get to my conclusion, so far a low dose accutane regime seems to have almost taken over the role of B5 in 3 and a half weeks. Both methods target dropping the production of skin oils although in different ways. B5 takes away the fuel (makes fat just under the skin break down), whereas accutane makes the engine smaller (makes the skin oil glands smaller). Accutane, being the only permanent cure seems like the obvious choice.
Can I gather that you found that you acne was controlled by low dose accutane in about a month? Although you are 15 years older I believe that our problems are closer related than I would have to a 15 year old.
I hope to one day be able to update a thread with "Off accutane, face clear".
Heading for 8 months off of Low Dose Accutane!

Treatment Duration: 6 Months

Dosage: Started at 20mg daily, tapered over 6 months to 10mg once a week.

Age: 50

Weight: 200

Sex: Male

Side effects: Extremely minimal, light drying of the lips.

Results: Cured my Acne Vulgaris, shrunk my pores by 90%, put my Rosacea in permanent remission, adjusted my attitude from deeply depressive solitary behavior to upbeat outgoing positive socialite.

Strategy: Use legitimate studies on low dosage Accutane published on pubmed and medscape to convince my Dermatologist to give it a try.

Comments: My philosophy is that drugs are bad in the first place. I will never submit to the high dosages of this drug administered in the USA. Other countries are embracing low dose treatments and getting great results. With the low dosage approach my fear was minimized. I feel I could do it again if need be......Anyone going through what I did with Rosacea, Acne Vulgaris and Sebaceous Hyperplasia (massive oil) gets my total sympathy. I don't know if my approach will work for you. It just makes sense to try this drug in a very low dose to see if you can tolerate it. You can always try a higher dosage later on. Do you homework and copy legitimate studies and take them to your Derm. Don't take in stories and blogs, they will not listen to anecdotal data. Ask them if they know of Pubmed and Medscape reporting agencies. Be organized, be firm. There are multiple countries who have published studies on the efficacy of low dose Isotretinoin (Accutane). I wish you the best.


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