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Just wanted to put my two cents in. I used Accutane 3 times! The first two times, a very low dose..the third time, much higher. Almost a year in between each of my rounds, and each and every time by the time the year ended, my skin was twice as bad as I started! It seems for me, that as soon as the oil glands start to "repair" themsevles- my acne, which is mostly cystic- comes back tenfold.
My derm suggested I try Photodynamic Therapy ALA , which is a more permanent solution. I had my first treatment on was slightly painful, but by the time it was over, it wasnt so bad...the next day, I was red and flushed, like a sunburn, however no pain at all. Ive been moisturizing like crazy! What I do notice is that there isnt a blackhead or whitehead on my face- the two cysts which were starting to form went down significantly and the few actual pimples which were there dried up over night and are virtually gone. The scarring, which is what Im most concerned about - has not changed at this point, but my derm did say it takes up to a week or two to see any results and which probably take 3 treatments spaced 2 weeks apart to show significant differnce.
Im stoked to see if this works. There are NO physiological side effects to this procedure...
best of luck to everyone-

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