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[QUOTE=LowTane;4045543]Tourista, did you create a portfolio of studies as I suggested? Take in actual documentation and ask what their opinon of the study is......Pubmed and Medscape have plenty of studies on Low Dose therapies... If you didn't try this approach, give it a try and see if that helps. Also, what are your symptoms? Do you have cystic acne? Mild oil? What exactly. It could have affected their decision. You have to sell the low dose idea to American Derms.

Best Wishes


Yes, I did take your advice and printed out the studies - although there are these studies, the Derm told me that the dosage amount is not approved by the FDA and that if he was to prescribe me the accutane it would start at 40mg, to 60mg, than to 80mg.
My acne is a combination of cystic, blackheads, whiteheads, etc. I have oily skin. Tan skin.
I've had acne for over 20 years and am at the age where it scars and creates pits permanently. Even my mildest acne :(
I also have uneven blotchy skintone and enlarged pores. I noticed that after the acne has gone the red marks are still existent and do not fade.
All this going on with my face has affected me emotionally and socially.

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