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I have just started accutane (was on a standard dose aged 16 - 60mg daily I think). Worked to clear my cystic acne but still suffer mild/moderate acne. Just started another low dose course but after just 2 days at 20mg I have experienced significant facial flushing. It's really depressing me as I thought I would avoid this dreaded side effect at such a low dose. I've skipped a day and intend on perhaps taking another 20mg pill tonight but fear that the reaction will continue. Did you experience a worsening in your rosacea (not sure if this is rosacea but I expereienced the same thing on many topical treatments) at the beginning of your course? I know 10mg daily is often used to TREAT rosacea so really didnt expect this so early on. Any advice/words of encouragement would be much appreciated. Also I switched from Differin to Accutane almost immediately so dont know whether this would be a factor, and have been drinking a fair bit.



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