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Hi there,
I'd like to thank you for your updates, Lowtane and Old Lawyer. They have been most informative. I wanted to show you what you have inspired in me and my story. I have included dates from when I started recording this.
Case: Moderate acne since 14 controlled by daily vigorous exercise and over-the-counter treatments and extremely low fat and suger intake.
By controlled I mean only a bad pimple every couple of weeks instead of every day. This has been continous and my skin, although clear on some days, still had the healing marks of the pimples from a few weeks ago, so I never was clear in that sense. Luckily for me, my skin heals quick quickly and with little scarring. This year I made up my mind that, even if it kills me, I will rid myself of acne. The OTC stuff never really helped keep my pimples at bay.
My First success!
Aug 7 2009: My first success was with the treatment using large B5 dosages, 6 grams a day. The long term affects of this are unknown, but I can tell you that the short term affects are miraculous.
Aug 21 2009: My skin was clear of new pimples and the old ones have alomst healed up. This cleared me up quite quickly and finally gave my skin time to heal (to the point that one girl who had just met me, on finding out I had a brain, said "I thought you were just a pretty boy". I have never been a pretty boy before!)
After a lot more reading about it I found that this is not a permanant cure and it's long term affects are largely unknown. There are some case studies of individual paitients suffering terrible side effects after a few years of this, however they were individual cases and not a study on a group. They could be isolated cases (1 in a million chance of happening) or it could be unrelated, however the odds are unknown and I decided to seek a cure more proven.
15 Sep 2009 : Introduced 20 mg a day of accutane, 6 grams of B5. This decision was mostly inspired by this thread the Lowtane and Old Lawyer have been posting too.
17 Sep 2009: Wasn't ready for the dry lips and face of accutane. I dropped to 10 mg a day, 6 grams of B5.
20 Sep 2009: Feeling better and more prepared (with lip balm) and back to 20 mg a day, 6 grams of B5.
26 Sep 2009: Dropped to 4 grams of B5 a day, keeping at 20 mg accutane. Face is getting a bit red.
28 Sep 2009: Accutane is holding well with the drop in B5. Very dry skin but not too much flaking.
30 Sep 2009: One small whitehead, the first since 2 weeks after I started B5.
6 Oct 2009: Down to 2 grams of B5, 20 mg of accutane.
9 Oct 2009: Down to 1 gram of B5 a day, increased to 40 mg of accutane for the weekends. I believe that I can take extra accutane over the weekends as I am not going out much. I have basically shut my life down and I am living like a bit of a hermit (well, no big parties) until I have my face under control again.

To get to my conclusion, so far a low dose accutane regime seems to have almost taken over the role of B5 in 3 and a half weeks. Both methods target dropping the production of skin oils although in different ways. B5 takes away the fuel (makes fat just under the skin break down), whereas accutane makes the engine smaller (makes the skin oil glands smaller). Accutane, being the only permanent cure seems like the obvious choice.
Can I gather that you found that you acne was controlled by low dose accutane in about a month? Although you are 15 years older I believe that our problems are closer related than I would have to a 15 year old.
I hope to one day be able to update a thread with "Off accutane, face clear".

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