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Hello, I've just started taking a low dose at 20mg a day (10mg twice a day). I'm on my fourth day and have noticed some positive changes in skin texture and oil secretion, but very mild since I haven't been on it that long.

Interestingly enough, I've had issues with my lower lip being dry for a long time without having ever taken this drug before, and I can't even remember when it started so I've experienced zero "new" side effects thus far. My hair started noticeably thinning when I was 25 so I hope it doesn't accelerate it. I shave my head very close to minimize the appearance (not bald close).

I've had acne since I was 14 and it only got worse as I aged (now 30). It started on my face then my back, chest, shoulders, upper arms, some even on my forearms, thighs and occasionally around the calf. I think I pretty much get them where sebaceous glands are most prominent.

I've been able to control it somewhat through diet (low carb, no soda or sweets of any kind) but it's been very persistent for a long time and I'm fed up with it. If I didn't restrict my diet I probably wouldn't have a job right now because my skin would look like a warzone and I'd be too embarrassed to leave the house. In fact, I'm a firm believer that the cause of most skin problems is due to the modern diet of processed foods, sugar and carbohydrates (sugar before digestion). I think my diet over time induced this condition and it may have created a chronic problem that a change in diet might take a very long time to adjust, if at all.

I've passed on some very attractive women throughout my life, to the point where I've hurt people's feelings because I'd take an interest in them but would back off because of my insecurities, so I'm prepared to deal with whatever consequences come from this experiment.

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