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Ive had moderate-severe acne for four years, im 18 right now, but starting three weeks ago I was actually clear for two whole weeks (i got like two little pimples, but no big deal) I dont eat sugars, greasy foods/junk and dairy... but I also eliminated white rice/bread, wheat bread and started eating about 5 carrots every day... well after doing that i was clear for two weeks. At the end of the second week I had a box of 6 organic cookies (made with no oil, refined sugar, dairy or wheat... i figured they were ok) Since then my skin has been crap, it has now been a week and i'm still breaking out. I don't understand what happened, i mean its been a week since that happened... somehow i think it was something else along with the cookies. I don't remember changing anything else in my diet, i started eating grapes but that was before the breakout. This is so frustrating, I felt so incredibly good those two weeks and now i'm back to the depressed old me. Here's what i'm eating right now, any of these foods known to be bad?

Chicken, fish/tuna, beef, turkey, green vegetables (just started eating brocolli two days ago.. is that bad?), carrots, grapes, oatmeal, brown rice, potatos every now and then, eggs..... thats about it, a very boring and plain tasting diet but whatcha gonna do. i also take 60g of opti-zinc, a multi vitamin and vitamin c.

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