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I use the finacea 15% gel form of azeleic acid. It supposedly penetrates better than the cream in the higher azeleic acid content. I read that somewhere along the way today. But are gels just more typically drying that creams anyway??? My derm said this would be good for me and gave it to me about 3 weeks ago. I guess it's bringing the stuff up, but I tried the 2 times a day thing and it burns (literally the top surface ) of my skin. Everyone seems to say that the azelex is oily.......but this isn't. It smoothes over and then feels sticky or dry or something.
At the time He gave it to me he already knew I was using tazorac 10 minutes at night, taking accutane 2 times per week and taking 50 mg spiro a day. I was dry already and he said this would help because it is in a moisturizing base......I have stopped the spiro, 3 weeks ago and the tazorac 1 week ago because they weren't helping and I seem more dry than I was before. Dry to the point my skin seems rough and pitted. Am I just too dumb to realize all gels are drying?? I used differin last year for 8 months and didn't have a problem. Although it never helped, I only applied for a few minutes and them washed off. Should I have left it on over night or would that have been more drying too?? And don't they do two different things anyway???


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