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[QUOTE=ashlee_student]Im 18 and Ive had acne sicne i was about 12. I've tried everything. Ive been to 4 dermotologists to see if they had different ideas of how to help me and all are at a loss of ideas. I considered accutane, but my dad wont let me use it because of hte side effects. My self esteem has grown to an all tiem low because at work a few days ago, a customer gave me suggestions on hwo to help my face. You know its bad when a stranger comes up to you and says that. He said to try proactiv (which didnt work for me either) and i said that.. and he replied, well maybe it's because your face is worse than mine was. I just about started to cry.
To the people who've been on accutane the longest, what is the worst side effect that you've experienced? or has it helped you out tremendously?[/QUOTE]
I know just how you feel. I've had acne since I was 16, but it got severe when I turned 18. I've literally tried everything on the market, both over the counter and incredibly expensive laser treatments. Nothing has worked. My acne is the worst it has ever been in my life (I'm almost 25). There are now a million scars on my face from 6 years of nothing working. I am trying accutane in January (the earliest appt. I could get). After reading the wonderful stories of recovery on here, I can't help but try it. It has worked for so many others when nothing else has. Try to talk your dad into it. People without acne just don't understand what we are going through!

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