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Stress Acne?
Mar 5, 2009
My skin sure has been a pain these days. I've been really trying to take care of it and I seem to break out no matter what. My skin hasn't been as oily as it was in the past and isn't too dry either. I used to break out in my t-zone, but now it's mostly near my hairline (even without using hair products) and cheeks. I hardly ever break out on my chin or nose, and it's only on the sides of my forehead lately.

Would this be considered stress acne? I'm on the birth control pill and have been on the same one for about 7 years, so I wouldn't think it would be hormones, but who knows! Some of them are pretty painful and usually they are the deeper, cystic, red acne. They take some time to surface.

Here is my skincare routine.. I wish my face twice daily with Neutrogena oil free acne fash wash. I use Neutrogena Stress Control moisturizer on the entire face. This product helps minimize the acne, but hasn't completely gotten rid of it. I then use an eye cream just in the eye area. I occasionally use a spot treatment, but not often since they usually don't make a big difference for me. I stick with oil free makeup. I was using mineral makeup but my skin was worse when using it. My skin also got worse when using one of those sets where you have the different products that you use (like Proactiv). I felt they were too drying for my skin.

I do feel like certain parts of my skin don't exfoliate well and have to use a scrub. It does help some, but maybe I need a better one. Any ideas of what else would be good to try? By the way, I am 22. I don't feel like it gets any better/worse during particular parts of the month, just the same all the time. I also have sensitive skin around my neck area and itch from allergies.

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