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No one knows for sure if the iodine causes acne, Vitamin A,C biotin and zinc all help with acne.

SO basically is iodine really gonna cause acne when its taken with 4 or more possible things that prevent or help deal with acne, blemishs and infections?

Someone is blaming iodine because people want a reason..any reason to give why they broke out. Its understandable why they do this. Its possible maybe it did but when peole get nervous, scared and blame things there not 100 percent sure about it kidna ruins it and scares us from taking it when it might not even be the problem in the first place.

You wont find a multi vit out there that doesnt have some iodine( it sometimes goes under different names .. I think not sure but most vitamisn do have iodine) in it.

If your getting a vitamin thats focus mainly on your skin theres a prodcut called Derma Vite.... I will say this i have neva taken this before nor have o hear of anyone who has on this board!!! .. which might be a good thign since most of us all have acne so if you did read about it here by a memeber then it didnt work.

I have neva taken Derma Vite.. would i take it yes its cheap under around 20 and i have seen soem as low as 12 =, you dont need a presciption, and its a vitamin not a anti biotic so it doesnt have any side effects an anti biotic might have.

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