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please do not put your daughter on accutane, drugs and over the counter products are not the answer.

i am 16 and i started breaking out in 4th grade, which progressed over the years. nothing was working for me (retin-a, doxycycline, yaz, bactrim, lasers, blue lights). i was feeling really hopeless.

a few weeks ago i took a food allergy test and dairy, eggs, rice, wheat, almonds, soy, mustard, pinto beans, and asperilligus (a mold) came up mild and moderate for me. it has been a week or so of not eating these foods and i havent had a new pimple in 4 days and my skin looks so amazing, which never happens for me.

i also have a leaky gut, caused but genetics or antibiotics/bcp. after looking into that i began to realize that your colon/liver is the main cause of acne but dermatologist dont broadcast it because they wouldnt get any money from the treatment. a colon cleanse or a whole body cleanse could really benefit your daughter or anyone as well. i started mine yesterday and am just so relieved that i have finally found the core problem and i hope this helps you as well, it couldnt hurt to try it.

i wish everyone would try [B]an allergy test/colon cleanse[/B] before ever going to the dermatologist.

hope it helps :)

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