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I never had a pimple up until I turned 20, then I think my face just exploded. I had it REALLY bad on my cheeks - no place else just there. My face is pretty clear now with just the scars and red spots. I have EXTREMELY sensitive skin and the dr first rx'd Tazorac and Tetracycline - big mistake. My face was lobster red and burned every second of the day. He, then, put me on the cocktail that I'm on now and it's working pretty well. I do get a pimple here and there, but it's definitely not one of those bruisers. He also gave me a script for Plexion face wash, but due to a lack of insurance, I haven't gotten that yet. I love the Benzaclin just for the sheer fact that it's not greasy and it doesn't burn the skin off my face. My advise, don't take the Doxy on an empty stomach. I made that mistake once and thought that I was going to be violently sick. Good luck with your cocktail!!

yes i have been using the retin a for about a week now and i started to get an initial breakout but i think using the benzaclin with it, helped to keep it under control, because it wasn't a bad breakout. i am kinda starting to get dry now a little but i think it is the benzaclin. i really think this combination is going to work. my fingers are crossed! lol. i would stay on the meds if i were you. just give them a chance. don't stop taking them just because it gets worse at first. that is what i used to do all the time. good luck!

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