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Hey, I read your message to me on the other post, but I wanted to respond to this one under here. What kind of acne treatment products are you using? Certain ingredients can irritate your skin and cause it to burn (scar) or hyperpigment (dark spots, blemish).

Now, BP lots of people love but I HATE it. It leaves marks, I prefer to say blemishes though, on my skin after it has (itchingly) eliminated my zit. Also if you use something that is too strong and especially TOO OFTEN, sure you zap it but you will also irritate your skin, cause a blemish or burn it.

That's why I don't use Benzyol peroxide, but do use Salicylic Acid and other exfoilants (glycolic, AHA, acetic, etc). Now Exfoilants will do the above so you want to make sure that it is not too strong for you skin. I'm capable of using 20% AHA on my skin, but usually use between 5%- 10% on a daily basis. As for the BHA (salicylic acid) I tend to use mainly 2%.

I love BHA because under normal usage conditions, it doesn't leave a mark (get Paula's 2% SOLUTION, wonderful healant). They make formulas with 0.5, 1, 2, 5, 6, and 10% Salicylic Acid. Now I know that 6% will burn my skin and I still have 1 burn mark from 3 years ago that is slowly lightening (trying various things there). So always remember not to use something more than 1-2x a day if it's job is to exfoilate, dry up,'ll make it worse in the long run

Personally, I am with you, I didn't like how it felt to have cysts, but it was much worse when you have the actual blemishes to deal with. I know some people get upset when someone complains that all they have left are the marks, but those marks are just as damaging and limiting to us. Of course some people can cover with makeup, but I usually don't. When you've got body acne, you really really can't do much with that but cover up with clothing, even when you're a girl and should be able to wear all the "latest trends"

Ok, so your breakout will last a few days - a few weeks and then the cycle starts over again right? Well those blemishes just keep piling on. The LONGER it takes to get rid of your acne the more likely you will get a blemish. Unfortunately, depending on the type (sometimes there a zit underneath) they can last several weeks - years!!!! That's a long time for some silly zit, don't you think?

That's why it's IMPORTANT to CONTROL yourself when you are zapping those guys! The sooner you treat a pimple (even if you can't see it) the better your chances are of avoiding a blemish, but not if you go overboard. Using sunscreen (spf 30 or highre) will also help. Using natural exfoilants such as Lemon juice (can itch if over used) and Vinegar (acetic acid) will greatly help prevent and work on existing blemishes.

In fact, Lemon juice seems to act as a catalyst when used underneath a skin lightener (kojic acid, HQ, licorice, bearberry, etc), shortening your lightening time. Be careful though because some people can be allergic to certian ingredients in even the best skin lightening formulas and as such, can breakout even while there skin is evening beautifully (going in circles here). Find something that has the least amount of ingredients so that you can avoid problems. The best of skin lightening formulas work well because they also exfoilate. Therefore, some are actually good to use all over or as a spot treatment for acne. Just don't OVERDUE it or you will get burned!!!

What's great about Vinegar is that it helps to exfoilate, shrink pores, and lighten (due exfoilation) and does so seemingly without irritation for me at least. This is my personal formula for this 50% Apple Cider Vinegar, 50% Distilled (purified) water, and 4 - 6 asprin tablets. Keep in fridge if you like and apply no more than 2x a day. For the aspirin, find a formula that uses the least amount of ingredients and you can even make a mask out of these tablets & aloe (or a cleanser), but careful. Oh yeah and since Aspirin contains Salicylates you should find that it helps reduce inflammation and Vinegar also helps with acne reduction.

That's all for now, take care =)

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