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DONT USE RETIN A OR TAZORAC OR ANYTHING! SAVE YOUR MONEY AND STOP YOUR ACNE!!!!!! Hi, I completley know how you feel. I stopped my acne though. Listen to this, I am 18 years old and I had acne from 8th grade. It is so depressing. Please don't take all that crap they are gonna give you cuz its gonna destroy you. Retin-A is gonna mess u up so bad! Trust me my skin looks like s h i t cuz all the chemicals i've put on it. I can only hope time has healed it. I have stopped my acne though. I researched for 4 months and i found out what causes acne in teens. Trust me you don't have to buy anything. I completley changed my diet. I only eat vegtables except potatoes and carrots, I eat meat too and thats it. No rice no cereal no fruits nada! It's because I found out you get acne when you are insulin resistant. This means your insulin doesn't properly absorb sugar. It happens in your teen years the most (but can happen at any age) because when your a teen you produce more tissue and inorder to produce it you need to be insulin resistant or your tissue won't grow right. When you eat foods high in starch or have sugar like bread, rice, potatoes, cake, abd candy you have to break it down into sugar. Candy and sweets also are packed with sugar. When your insulin cannont fully take care of the sugar in your body testosterone in both girls and boys take over and testosterone processes the sugar. Boys have it the worst cuz they have more testosterone. The testosterone then stimulates your oil glands and since you have more oil glands in your face then you get acne. It was so hard for me at first cuz I didn't want to change my diet but I was so desperate. Plus my derm had always told me my diet had nothing to do with my acne and she told me to eat whatever I want. Of course she said that cuz she'd lose all the money I was giving her if I went on a diet. I did go on the diet and I stopped breaking out after about a week. I heard some people broke out real bad the first week then totally started clearing up. If only I knew this when I was younger. I get so depressed thinking how my High School years were ruined cuz of my face. Acne isn't a problem for me anymore since I started the diet 2 months ago, but the emotional pain is there, so are the scars, not just from the acne but from the damage all those chemicals like retin-a and tazorac caused me. Litteraly I have like 2 bowls of salad in the morining, no tomatoes. I eat radishes lettuce onions lettuce bell peppers lettuce lettuce and more lettluce along with more lettuce. I pour EXTRA VIRGIN olive oil not virgin olive oil because extra virgin olive oil helps your insulin. I eat this and I eat this for lunch. I have cooked veggies for dinner and meat sometimes. Meat doesn't make you break out but it has saturated fat which is not good for your insulin. EXTRA VIRGIN olive oil has unsaturated fats and comes in small bottles and is way more expensive. Unsaturated fats are way good for your insulin. I eat fish cuz it also has unsaturated fats and its good for you. I don't eat out or anything cuz god knows what they put in their food. I have a little i mean really little chesse that has no sugar, just milk, cheese cultures and salt enzymes. It was so hard but I eventually got used to it. I take more vitamins since I don't eat as much. Fruits also have sugar so I defenitley can't eat those. It sucks cuz im 18 and people think I'm like 14 because i'm so skinny. This diet is making me mad skinny but I can always gain that weight. Right now my skin is my priority. I hope with time I heal and I hope you and everyone from suffering are cured by this diet.

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