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Re: Clearasil Total
Sep 30, 2003
I will reply because, hey, why not!
Anyway, I think clearasil is trying a new marketing strategy to increase use with people over twenty because it is often thought of as a 'teen'thing, like oxy. Most teens don't have hormonal or cystic acne so drying it out works great for them. For us older folks with less resistant skin, those products can be really harsh. I would stay away from clearisil because even though it seems they are trying to make a better product here, I think they are still trying to heal by drying and that can be bad for adult skin. Everyone wants to jump on the proactive bandwagon with these complete systems, but really you have to just search out whats right for you and that often means a combo of different brands, though not always. If you want to try it, go ahead. With all the restrictions you put on your cleanser of choice, i cannot even think of what to suggest. I personally like cetaphil. Spectroderm is also an excellent wash. It so gentle that I stopped using it because I guess I get a little thrill out of feeling dryish when I'm done washing. But, it is supposed to be really good and totally non irritating. Many companies are now coming out with washes that use triclosan, which is an antibacterial agent and has been in things like tersaseptic soap for years. It can also be very drying, but the newer products aren't as bad. Basically you either pick something like cetaphil, spectroderm, or phisoderm (though I don't know much about that one) which are very gentle, or you choose something medicated where you usually choose from something with either bp, salicylic acid or triclosan, all of which are antibacterial agents. you can use something with scrubbers in it, like proactive has, but that is a real procede with caution situation where you have to be really careful not to overscrub. I like to scrub now and then, but my derm says its a horrible thing to do. Anyway, I really don't know that much about this but I really hate it when I have question I would really like a response to and my thread goes cold so I thought I'd offer any knowledge I had.

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