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Hi, I'm new on here. I have had acne since I was 10. 10 years ago I had co2 laser surgery and I even broke out before my skin grew back. I've tried EVERYTHING! I spent another $3000 on some kind of laser in CA and that did NOTHING. I have used Retin A, I pick my zits, and with Retin A, the wounds stay open, never hearling... just dry and bleeding. I have pit's in my cheeks and nose. I had a guy yell out during a road rage incident last week I can see your pock mark from here...." I think he was referring to a huge chicken poc scar above my eyebrow. I also have a huge crater on the side of my face where I had some kind of growth removed. I've even had someone create a fake profile about me where it said "you can see my craters from across the room".. I was called pizza face as a kid. To top this all off I have excess body hair, I have to shave all the time, even my face... I also sweat constantly and i'm immune to deoderants and antipersperant.

And guess what... I'm a model. Yeah, go figure. My acne has prevented me from doing so much more with modeling... but yay for photoshop. Oh how I love the "wow, thats you in that photo?". In relationships, its hard to get close to people, I never want to be seen in the day, guys think I'm flakey but i just dont want them to see me during breakouts which is most of the time. I wont do daytime things, especially beaches, swimming etc.. I'm too self concious of the way I look.

So many times I have just thought it would be easier to die. I am really broke, I don't have health insurance in the states and can't afford to be treated medically. Everything just seems pointless. I'll never be truly beautiful, I'll never find a man and I will just end up with even more scars since my active acne will just not disappear.

My face wont even tan... my body does, so I just don't even bother trying to tan it.

Right now I seem to get whiteheads hourly... I have no clue why.. I don't believe my diet has changed much, I'm not really using anything new on my face... why is my skin doing out of the ordinary stuff? I usually just have blackheads and cystic acne. Ive done proative too, I'm on olay products for acne and age cos well, i'm getting older...

Is there anyone who can tell me the best way for me to get rid of icepick scars and stop this activity on my face... oh and I even get zits on my neck, scalp, back, butt, around my genitals, chest and arms... I used to get blackheads on my hips!

If not, I will die old and lonely I'll be alone and self loathing.

Thanks for encouragement and advice in advance.

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