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Re: POres
Oct 2, 2003

I'm fairly new too, welcome.

I'm a veteran at acne. Have been on Accutane 2x. Retin A, forever. My acne is moderate to mildly severe 20+ yrs. I scar well so signs of a few tiny pits are just recent from when I had a worsening due to picking and stress. I found these forums and learned alot. Based on what I learned I put together a regimen that has worked to clear me up completely and give a dramatic improvement to my pores. Here it goes:

In the AM:

1. Wash with Neutrogena extra gentle cleanser or Cetaphil.

2. I use black opal dual complex fade gel for hyperpigmentation, a pea size amount all over my face, so far 2 weeks the improvement has been dramatic. This contains AHA and is a Paula's Pick.

3. Olay Regenerist Enhancing Lotion SPF 15. I've heard so many good things about it plus it's a nice light moisturizer that it non comedogenic.

4. I spot treat......... first started with clean and clear 10% BP, then bought a 5% another brand and now I'm down to 2.5% neutrogena BP because after the first week of the am and pm regimen all the dead skin cells are exfoliated and my skin is then more sensitive and prone to dryness so the 2.5% Neutrogena On the Spot BP is enough to spot treat for now. Since I'm still working on not picking any black heads I still have left, if & when I do, right away I go and spot treat to avoid it turning in to a pimple.

5. I keep a clean and clear salicylic acid skin tone spot treat stick handy for use throughout the day but hardly use it.

I take a Prenatal Vitamin, because it's high in vitamins for skin and hair and cheaper to buy than alot of seperate bottles.

In the PM:

1. Wash with Neutrogena exra gentle cleanser (Paulas Pick)

2. Neutrogena BHA Clear PORE Treatment 2% Salicylic Acid (Paula's Pick) I use it all over my face and find it very gentle as it is a gel but smooth like a lotion. Whether it's the whole regimen or this product...... black heads on my nose are all gone now and my pores are smaller or less noticeable.

3. Retin A (must be prescribed)

4. I'm looking to buy Camocare intense facial therapy (at Vitamin Shoppe) or Beauty Without Cruelty green tea eye gel as an all over face moisturizer at night just for the antioxidants but so far I have gone without it.

5. I don't know if it is comedogenic but I also bought a tube of Neosporin Original because since I am still picking (trying really hard not to) and my skin is so thin now, it easily becomes abraded. Spot treating with Neosporin helps it heal faster and lessens the chance of a bad scar.

Three weeks ago I was looking in to laser treatments desperately, $3500 worth, but with this regimen my skin has improved 75% in such a short time and laser treatments are still an option for overall improvement of texture and fine lines when I get them in the future. Right now that amount of money is not worth the minute improvement my condition will gain with lasers. The regimen above has given me what I had started out to achieve anyway.

The Paulas Choice web site was informative in choosing things that are formulated with the correct PH for effectiveness. I'm still researching Vit B5, Saw Palmetto and Zinc. Because I know that some vitamins deplete others or have to be in special combinations, I haven't jumped out and bought individual bottles for these. I found Zinc with Magnesium and Calcium but so far since I get Zinc in my prenatal vits I'm holding back from buying it.

Good Luck and keep us posted if you find something not mentioned in the forums for the pores. By the way they say the lasers help this too.

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