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Lauren, Yes. I know something that will work for you and work very well. It worked for me and for the friends I have shared this information with. I have seen skin transform over time. I am going to give you a list of supplements that will greatly improve your skin because they will fix the nutrient deficiencies that cause acne. However, they will not cure your acne unless you eliminate the foods that cause these deficiencies in the first place. Here are the supplements:

Magnesium/Calcium 2:1 ratio
Zinc 50-100mg (it is best to consult a doctor for 100mg and over)
Vitamin C 500-1000
Vitamin A in the form of Beta Carotene *as much as you want. When I started I believe I took 15,000 IU
Vitamin E 400iu
Evening Primrose oil/Flax Oil/Borage oil
Salmon Oil, if needed (some people's bodies can't properly utilize Flax oil for its omega 3 benefits)
Milk Thistle (herb)

Listen carefully, because this will determine whether or not these supplements work for you. You must get each of these supplements individually, not in a multi-vitamin! Take the magnesium/calcium along with the zinc, with meals. These nutrients need eachother to be absorbed properly. Vitamin A and Vitamin E are fat soluble. Take them together with a fatty meal, or with the oils. The oils need a protein to be absorbed properly. A good trick is to eat them with fish, or to mix a little miso into some warm water and then mix the oils in with it. Not the best tasting drink..but works well. Take the milk thistle before bed at night with a glass of warm water. It is of utmost importance that you get a quality supplement. A lot of supplements on the market are pure crap. So make sure to do your research. The most expensive ones are not always the best. There are some good Evening Primrose oil/flax/borage formulations on the market, but make sure they are 1. Cold pressed 2. Kept in the refrigerator. These oils go rancid quickly. Rancid oils will do no good and may worsen things. The most important nutrients in this list are by far Zinc and Magnesium/Calcium blend. If you get no other supplements for this, get those. I can provide you also with many studies on the effects of Zinc supplementation on acne.

I will stress, however, that while this routine will provide a dramatic effect, they will not cure your acne unless you eliminate the foods that cause the nutrient absorbtion/utilization deficiencies. These are the culprits: hydrogenated oils, trans fats in the form of heated and denatured oil, DAIRY (huge culprit), CASEIN (found in dairy and some soy products as well as other packaged goods), white nutrient-depleted rice/pasta/flours/breads. etcs: refined sugars (which deplete magnesium..use honey), excess caffeine, excess alcohol.

Anyone who does not believe me, I implore you, for eight weeks eliminate dairy and supplement with zinc. Once you see the difference this can make it will be so easy for you to change the rest. It may seem like a lot, but when you see the results you will not regret it.

ps: you only have to take the supplements until your skin is clear. Then it is all diet from there.

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