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[QUOTE=Laurenmarie179]Ok, I'm running out of options for my skin. I have moderate acne on my face and back, very oily skin. I have tried numerous antibiotics which worked GREAT for several months, only to stop working, leaving me with worse skin than before. ive tried topicals, and tons of drugstore brands. nothing clears my skin, only slightly controls it.

My derm wants me to try accutane and says he has no more options for me. Id like accutane to be my very last resort.

I'm now considering laser treatment (smoothbeam), and have looked into herbs, vitamins. No, not the scam herbal pills sold online like zenmed or acnease, the real thing, a lifestyle change.

I'd love to hear stories on if anybody has gone the natural route with vitamins/herbs and what the results were. im not expecting a quick fix and am willing to be patient for something if it really works.

Nothin wrong with not wanting to try accutane- Ive heard more bad than good about this treatment. I just got back from my second smoothbeam treatment a few minutes ago. I had severe facial acne since i was 14 yrs old ( NOw Im 38 ) witch did taper off to what some would say moderate acne when i was in my late tweenties. Ive tried everything under the sun from OTC to prescription. I will admit i did have pretty good results with the antibiotic but i could never stay on any of them due to the side affect i encountered- Severe headheach to dizzyness ( Virtigo). After my first smoothbeam i would say 70% of my acne pretty much dissappeared within the first 24hours and i did see continual improvement over the next week, the second week i did have a few pimples show up but nothin major , and the rest of my acne i still had either faded away as the weeks went on or if it did come back it was to a much lessor degree. I even notice a improvement in my slight scarring i had from the acne- even a scar i had from a kid from chickin pox is a lot less noticeable now. Its to early to give results of my second treatment seeing how i just had the treatment done an hour or so ago but i expect good improvement over the next few weeks- my 3rd treatment is schuduled for 2 month from now. Yes i would diffently try smoothbeam or other methods before i went on accutane. I did and im pretty pleased with the results so far.

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