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May 3, 2009

I'm a 25 year old man and have quite bad acne, i was clear all through my teens and only started getting acne at about the age of 21. to say it has destroyed my life is an understatement I've have lost most of my friend due to not wanting to goto the pub or out during the day, most of the time i just want to hide in my room and i do. some weeks i don't think its to bad and go out buts thats only about once every 2 months. i do goto work but have had some time off due to not being able to face going in. i do have a girlfriend and have been with her for the past 5 years and she is great, though i dread it if she makes plans for us to do sometime because i know my acne will be bad on that day! same goes for any event, take this weekend for instants i had tickets for the snooker but didn't go because of my skin :cry: family events are the worst because they always take pictures. i started taking pictures of my face everyday last year to see i could find out whats causing this for me, but i eat and drink pretty much the same on a good week to the bad. all acne treatments from over the counter are a waste of money they don't work! infect they seem to make it worse so I've stopped using them (although I've just started using the new oxy for men, but i think i will stop, as yet again they are getting worse)i have been on all sorts of medication from the doctor but only one was sort of successful (minocycline mr) but after about a year and half on them (with regular blood tests) they seemed to lose there effectiveness. suppose I'm here to see if any one has any answers,tips, anything? most people want to win the lotto or have fast cars, all i want is clear skin i don't think that is to much to ask?

any freed back would be appreciated thank you

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