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I get a few pimples here and there but my main problem is my cheek area near the sides of the nose and the jawline area. My forehead/t zone also has this problem.


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Going through a breakout right now. Face feels realllly itchy and irritated, and also very oily (in real life, it looks like it's soaking).

Mainly itchy around the following areas:
- Sides of nose
- Jawline
- Upper neck

Does anyone know what I might have, or is anyone able to relate with my symptoms? I think I might have a mix of folliculitis and sebborheic dermatitis, or something else.

I get these red patches on the areas I explained above. They don't really look like acne. More like rashes or something. They're really itchy and the oil seems to be aggrevating them. Just redness that elevates into these rash like patches from time to time, especially when I break out. Also, I get a bit of flaking in the t zone area (between eyebrows), but hydrocortizone and moisturiser usually gets rid of that.

Okay. Not sure how else to describe it other than the pictures.

Hydrocortisone is helping me right now. Any advice on what else I could possibly use? The itchiness is driving me crazy. I don't want to scratch it. Instead I just put water on it.

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