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I am 26 and have had problems with acne for many years. My dermatologist prescribed me both Bactrim & Differin Cream (not gel). I was on Retin A Cream(a low % dose - .025%) and Minocycline however I went to see her today and I had some bad pimples and she thought we should switch it up.

I should mention that I do get breakoutís here and there but I do not consider it severe acne. I do get some bad pimples at least once a month and they take forever to go away (and stay very red in areaís). Anyways, I wanted to get feedback on both Bactrim & Differin and if anyone has used them together??? I did read some bad feedback on Bactrim and that itís a very strong antibiotic (and some people have had bad side effects). I know its bad to be on antibiotics for a long period of time so I am nervous to go on this one given its stronger. What is consider a long time???

I was on spironolatcote but that messed with my libido so I switched and was put on minocyline and now bactrim.

Please let me know your thoughts, advice, feedback!!! Thanks!!!
[QUOTE=janmichele5;4047046]any feedback would be much appreciated!!!![/QUOTE]
Hi, if yo are not happy then go and tell your dermatologist that you do not want to take antibiotics. Are you a female & what age? because you could possibly take the pill. Bactrim & Differin, I know the medication but have not heard it used in acne. Retin A is certainly good if used only at night and not in the day as it is photosensitive. You could use clindamycin lotion and also it can be used in a wash. You dermatologist can give you a script for the pharmacist to make up. Just a suggestion if you are worried about taking antiobiotics for a long period of time, which is the case with acne. Good luck with it and don't panic, just go back and explain it to the dermatologist.

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