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[b]What hasn't worked[/b]
-getting pregnant
-Proactive Solution
-Ortho-Tricyclen <-- gave me cystic acne I never had before
-Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Wash
-Any Neutrogena make up. Made my skin dry and it doesn't cover.
-Dermalogica products. What a rip off.

[b]What has worked[/b]
-Those clearasil creams. They worked wonders for me in high school. Haven't used them since.
-Erythromycin topical solution. Helped me sooo much when I broke out from BC's. Now a year later I think my skin has built tolerance for it.
I've been on a really good regime that has been working wonders for me..
I have mild acne with scars on cheeks. Acne is mostly on cheeks and chin, Oily and very sensitive skin

Heres whats been working:

- Avita Tretinoin Gel 0.025% (Doctor says its pretty new )
- Tetracycline 100 mg
- Neutrogena Oil Free wash (to get my make-up off and just to wash my face with)
- 1 500mg Vitamin C Daily
- 2 100mg Vitamin E Daily

It doesn't dry my face out at all and I've been on Avita for a month and a week and I am now seeing results, Went on Tetracycline off and on and the vitamins are for my scars and I've only been on them for a week but my scars are dissappearing faster. This past week everything has been working great so that I've haven't even had a break out and I only have like 4 or 5 zits and scars are fading! (Before that, I started getting pretty moderate acne) I can't wait for a few more weeks to past by :)

What hasn't worked:

Proactive (face very very red)
Ponds on the spot
BP (makes my face too dry and it flakes badly)
and just basicly every cheap brand of acne wash ~_~
Might as well bring this old board up to the top of the pile instead of starting a new thread. (By the way, 26 yr. old female. Moderate to severe acne since age 16.)

Hasn't worked:
Most over the counter products
Accutane (because my acne came back shortly after going off treatment)
Too many others to list

Has worked in the past:
- Birth control pills helped while I was on them, especially Diane 35. (unfortunately, as soon as I went off them my skin went downhill)
- Microdermabrasion helped a lot when on Diane 35, but was too expensive to continue.

I am currently doing the following and liking the results:
- Healthy diet overall. No bad carbs, lots of fruit/veggies, meat, fish, nuts, high fiber cereal with almond milk.
- Water with fresh lemon juice each day
- Stopped taking my generic multivitamin and replaced it with a Hair vitamin and zinc supplement.
- Washing face with Cetaphil cream in the am and Cetaphil bar soap in the pm.
- Differin at night, benzaclin on active pimples in the morning.
- Aloe gel after the topical, then Vitamin E cream as a moisturizer (both Fruit of the Earth brands).

Unfortunately, I have not been getting the results I would like because I have not been strict with my diet. Everytime I eat dairy, chocolate, or something not healthy I am guaranteed to get a pimple 2-3 days afterwards. And the low-carb candy bars and shakes have an even worse affect on me.

This week I started with a strict diet and internal cleansing, so it is too soon to tell the results of that yet. But I will report back with any changes. :)

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