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[B]What hasn't worked:[/B]
- Oxy Pads
- Neutrogena glycerin soap / body wash with SA 2%
- Rubbing Alcohol
- Tea Tree Oil (extremely drying)
- Toothpaste spot treatment
- Egg yolk masks
- Zinc Masks (causes scarring)
- Zinc Oxide Sunblock (does nothing)
- Mario Badscu's drying lotion (caused more problems in the end)
- Mario Badescu's healing cream ($20 an oz but doesn't heal anything)
- Mario Badescu Flower & Tonic Mask (caused more probs in the end)
- Mario Badescu Soothing Mask
- Mario Badescu Cucumber Toner (caused little irritated bumps that looked like acne)
- Murad the 3 step kit (the Clarifying Cleanser works great on my back and somewhat on my face though)
- Murad Clear Skin Supplements
- Homeopathic pills from GNC
- b5 (although admittedly I only took one a day for a month)
- Lisine, vitamin A, echinacea, wheat grass, colostrum supplements
- Vaseline (as a moisturizer, doesn't break me out but doesn't moisturize too well)

[B]What has worked:[/B]
- Murad Clarifying Cleanser (exfoliates well, helps redness, and prevents infection, but is drying)
- Separate supplements: Zinc 50mg, E 400 IU, Magnesium 2mg, C 1000mg (I heal twice as fast)
- Hemmorhoid cream (weird but effective on swelling)
- Eye drops (seems to bring down swelling but slows healing)
- Moisturizing! Dry skin only causes more blackheads (looking for a better one though)

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