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What DIDN'T Work:
Neutrogena Products (Vanishing cream, acne wash, etc.)
Astringents with Salyclic acid
Benzoyl Peroxide (any percentage)
Those little stick-on overnight dots
Nicanimide spray
Eliminating caffeine, sugar, refined carbs
Old Guy's Regimine
Zinc Supplements
B-Complex Vitamin

What worked for AWHILE:
Minocycline and Tazorac .1% gel
Accutane 80mg for 5 months

What is being TRYED NOW:
Differin .1% gel
Jojoba Oil
Burdock Root tea

Take Care all...

[b]Has NOT Worked:[/b]
-Differin (made my skin horrible)
-Over the counter medication

[b]HAS Worked:[/b]
-Accutane (works like a charm everytime, 100% clarity; I always relapse in the face, but my body acne is cured)

What hasn't worked:

Retin-A (gel or cream)
Metro Gel
Any salicylic-based topicals
Tea Tree Oils (topical)
B5 (seemed to make me very lethargic and took any oil from my beautiful hair)

What has IMPROVED my condition:

Benzoyl Peroxide applications seem to have improved my condition minimally. Definitely nothing permanent.

What I am working on now:

I've been using Differin gel (I know, not very ambitious) for the last 6 months or so. Some weeks, it seems to have really helped, and others are just as bad as any other treatment I've tried. I can't help but think that I would be having the same effects if I dropped the Differin and just washed my face once or twice a day with water.

I absolutely refuse Accutane. First, I don't want internal problems 20 years down the line. Also, I'm in college, and drinking is almost mandatory.

Anyone on Saw Palmetto finding any effectiveness? This whole hormone-regulating characteristic intrigues me...
What does not work:
Accutane x 4, Minocycline x2, Tetracycline x2, Proactiv, Benzamycin, Clindamycin, Vitamins A-Z, every type of topical cream

What works:
Combo skin - oily TZone, dry flaky skin on cheeks
Moderate Acne with whiteheads, bumps in TZones, pustules

[B]What Hasn't Work:[/B]

ProActiv (kept acne under control for a while, but never was happy with my skin, after i stopped i had my worst breakout ever!)
Retin-A Micro (made it worse!)
Cleocin T
erythomyocin topical
BioMedic Products
Stress (obsessing over skin)
lack of sleep
sweating activities
other stuff i didn't try long enough to really comment on because of the initial breakout

[B]Kinda Worked[/B]

Chemical Peels
BP products like Brevoxyl 4% (very dry skin, fewer breakouts, but more severe)
Cosmedix Clear spot treatment
Cosmiedix Purity & Benefit Clean
popping (must be careful to be gentle and pop only zits that are ready and mature - apply neosporin or bp after)
Washing Hygiene (shampoo hair, avoid face, and then wash face)
Changing pillow cases every 2 -5 days
Clean face towels (use all 4 sides at different times)
Not touching your face
Avoid Foods that can drip on your face
No Caffeine, Chocolate
Not too look at the mirror during the day except in the "good" mirrors

[B]What worked:[/B]

Accutane (had to stop after 6 weeks, gave me 6 weeks of clear skin but it came back, tho less severe)

[B]What I'm doing now:[/B]
Green Tea
Paula's Choice Products
Searching for moisturizers to prevent drrry skin
Camellia Oil
Digestive Cleanse ErimusValidus Method


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