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Hello everyone,

I am new to the boards and this is my first post :)

So I just had my first visit with the dermatologist today. I finally broke down and went because everything over the counter was just making it worse. I have had some mild to moderate acne ( mainly on my jawline, neck, and right cheek) for about the past year. I think it is caused by my hormones. My period has been irregular because I lost some weight due to stress last year. I've gained most of it back and am waiting for my period to return. I am going to be seeing my doc soon and will ask her about going some type of birth control to help regulate my period and possibly help my acne as well. The derm today also said if I could get that taken care of my acne might go away.

Anyhoo, the dermatologist gave me a script for 150 mg Doryx to take once a day, Cleocin lotion to apply twice daily and a benzoyl peroxide wash I can try. I have sensitive skin so all this really scares me. Plus, I am not to thrilled about taking an antibiotic daily. I know they can wreak havoc on your body (upset stomach, yeast infections, etc.) I plan on taking some probiotics with it, if I do start it.

I am debating whether I should wait and go to my doctor first to get a checkup and maybe try the pill to see if that helps the breakouts or should I just go ahead and start the Doryx right now? Is Doryx effective is treating mild and possibly hormonal acne?

I am considering maybe just trying the Cleocin-T and see that helps on its own.


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