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[QUOTE=somegirl1;3991460]i was on accutane for a while. good luck, it might be a long road ahead of you! what you can't do:
get preggo
stay out in the sun without sunscreen for too long
get waxed
get a chemical peel/microdermabraisa
kill yourself (for real, if you are getting depressed, see a doctor right away)

i think that covers it. just remember the pills make your skin really sensitive so anything that you think may be bad for it, probably is. you will need a good chapstick cause you will have really dry lips. i recommend burts bees or aquafor is the best. drink lots of water and just be patient. one thing you may want to consider though is that accutane pretty much stops all oil production on your skin so afterwards you will be more prone to dry skin instead. invest in a good moisturizer that will be for age prevention because dry skin can mean wrinkly skin.

good luck![/QUOTE]

thanks for the info. my doctor told me it would help the little acne i have cause it never goes away with all the stuff they gave me so they put me on this. i wasnt fully sure what to do. but i almost went drinking with a friend. why is it that u cant drink? or even smoke for some people? vitamen A yikkkeess! :confused:

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