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Yes, most doctors act like they don't know much about Spiro, but some are acting like they have given this to patients for years. I can't tell you how much that Spiro makes your skin flawless. Yaz with only 25mgs of dsrp (spiro) is not enough to clear skin. It is good for birth control and mild acne and regulaing your period that Spiro can sometimes mess up., but Spiro 100 and above will do the trick. 100mgs does not work for me . I don't get cysts with 100, but I will get pimples. 200mgs keeps me so clear. I have no trouble with it. Lots of water and some salt intake help the hydration. Bloodwork every 4 months and healthy eating work too. My hair is so thick and I have no water bloat that I always had before. It has helped my weight. I weigh 125 and am 5'8. I used to weigh 135 and would look like I weighed 145. I would eat and bloat up. The Spiro helps the weight gain. It is a testerone blocker and that is the male hormone that we don't need too much of. It is the excess that causes acne and facial hair. Women with pcos take this.All of us have some degree of it and the ones with too much can take the Spiro and block the excess testerone. I highly recommend it. Find a good doctor who is familiar with it for acne

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