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Hi my name is Bill and im 23yrs old and Ive had acne for about 5yrs. About 2yrs ago i started to develop cystic acne. Mostly my acne is on my chin and some on my forehead and an occasional one on the sides of my nose. About 2 1/2months ago I had a Kidney/pancreas transplant because my kidneys were in failure from having diabetes since age 7. While admitted in the hospital and being on iv it seemed as though my acne had stopped (only had 1 small breakout on my nose the whole month i was there) but ever since I have been released from the hospital my acne has been worse than it ever has before. I keep getting cysts on my chin that just wont go away.

I have been on tazorac, retin-A, benzyl peroxide, benzaclin(on it now doesnt work), murad acne treatment, Proactiv(been using it for almost 3 weeks and its just making it worse), also minocycline pills (cant take very many types of pills because of my new kidney. Ive proabably taken other perscriptions i just cant remember. I have also used over the counter things like adult acnomel, Aqua Gycolic facial cleanser, Aqua Qycolic pore tightening astringent, and this stuff called Utophia Silver and nothing has wroked.

Soooooo..... is there anything else I should try? Accutane is out of the question due to possible severe side affects to my new organs. I clicked on the banner about OXZIT, anyone ever use that stuff? All it is, is water, salt, and high amounts of oxygen molocules. I ordered some b5 vitamins and somesutff called biotin because I heard it was suppose to work good, but I dunno. I really dunno what else to do now since ive tried just about everything. The problem with these perscription drugs is that they work for a little while but then the bacteria becomes immune to them and well you know how it is.

Any help you could give me I would appreciate it. Like I said most my acne is cyst-like, kinda big red pimples and my face always is sore.

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