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A Yasmin question!
Sep 25, 2003
I was on Yasmin a year ago after switching from Alesse (horrible!!!) and it began to clear me up right away as soon as I started taking it. Then I switched again after 3 months to Ortho Tri Cyclen simply because I heard it is good for your skin also and I was able to get it for only $8 at my college. However, I did not like Ortho as much as Yasmin so now I am back on Yasmin a year later. I am almost 6 weeks into it and still having some breakouts mainly on my chin and near my mouth. One other thing to consider is that I started taking Ampicillin (antibiotic) and using Differin around the same time I started using Yasmin this year. I was wondering if any of you have an idea as to why I am NOT responding the way I did the first time I started taking it last year???? Do you think I should stay on it for a while longer?? Thanks for your help.
Just wanted to say that it's been about two weeks and I am 95% clear after stopping the antibiotic. Next week I will be starting my 3rd pack of Yasmin so hopefully acne will be somewhat history after the 3rd month. I'm still mad that I even went on that antibiotic in the first place though. The chin and jawline breakouts have definitely subsided. Thanks for the advice to quit the ampicillin whoopie..i'm so much happier!!!
Alesse broke me out so badly that when I switched to Yasmin I wouldn't even consider it an initial breakout since it was at least better than what my skin was like on Alesse. I was not clear right away but it was a definite improvement and after 3 months I was ten times better than when I was on Alesse, but would still get a few pimples every once in a while. Changing to Yasmin not only changed the frequency and severity of my breakouts but it really changed the entire texture and glow of my skin. That was something I noticed immediately. When I get a pimple on Yasmin, it goes away quickly and is not as red. On Alesse, my skin just seemed angry. For some reason, I didn't realy know at the time that bcp's could control acne (I went on Alesse for the birth control aspect) and it took me a year on it to realize that it could be the problem. But I know that everyone is different and if Alesse is working for you then that's awesome. How long have you been on it? I would stick with it a while if you haven't been on it for very long.

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