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I have been on Spironolactone (100 mg/day) for several years to help control my acne. I was also on Yasmin to control my periods. My skin has been in great shape. In January of this year I had an abdominal hysterectomy and they left the ovaries. They took me off of the pill and my face is breaking out again. About a month ago, I went off the Spironolactone to see if it is making any difference. So far, I don't see much change and I'm still having problems with acne. Would it be possible that I have become immune to Spironolactone? Also, since I no longer have a period, would the hormonal fluctuations that usually come during my period still be happening after a hysterectomy. Sorry, I'm fairly confused about all of this and trying to get my skin back under control. Any advise would be great! I've fought acne from my early teens until now and I'm currently 47. ARGH! Thanks for your help! Sheri

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