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Re: Orhto Update
Jan 19, 2003
Yasmin worked for me. I only started taking it a month ago, and I am clearing up beautifully. I am left with red marks, but that's better than active pimples.

All pills differ in their estrogen dose and their progestin dose/potency. Some pills have a higher androgenicity than others (androgenicity = male hormone effect, which is shown to cause acne. i.e., I was on Alesse BCP which has high andro., and it caused me to break out horribly. But for some, Alesse has cleared them up... it depends on how sensitive your body is to male hormones).

Yasmin has 30mcgm of estrogen, and 3.0mg of progestin called "drospirenone". You might recognise the "spir" in it is similar to "spironolactone", which some women use to control their acne. Spironocultane (also known as "aldactone") is a potassium-sparing medication that was initially used to treat heart and liver failure. It was then discovered that spironocultane also had anti-androgenic properties. Some women take spiro. alone in high doses. In low doses it has no effect; i.e., Yasmin pills have a very low dose of spiro. But the Spironolactone derivitive WITH estrogen in the Yasmin pill is the magic potion that helps combat hirutism and other crappy side effects of androgens/male hormones, i.e., acne!

Ortho Tri-Cyclen is a tri-phasic contraceptive (hence, "tri") which means it releases progestin hormones in three phases: 0.15mg, 0.215mg and 0.25mg, with a constant release of estrogen (35mcgm). For some women a tri-phasic release of progestin helps regulate their hormones. Tri-cyclen has a medium amount of estrogen, which also helps combat the effects of male hormones. However, the tri-phasic may also be detrimental and CAUSE acne for some women, whose body perhaps does not like the constant fluctuations of progestin. It really depends on you!

For me, OTC was the first pill I was on when I was 18 years old. It caused me to break out with huge pimples on my cheeks the first three months, but then I cleared up beautifully.

No matter what you try, GIVE IT TIME. Your body may accept or reject it. I didn't have an initial break-out on Yasmin, but many women have. All our bodies are so different. Experiment, and don't give up too quickly. Sometimes cures can just sneak up on us.

I guess the only thing about Yasmin that sucks is that it's really expensive. Fortunately, my doctor has a lot of sample packs in hand. Maybe you'll get lucky?

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